Ideal Basics for Every Gym Enthusiast

Pumping iron is easy when you have the right gear, and a major part of having the right gear is having the right gym clothes. By “right,” of course, we don’t mean high-fashion—while it’s fun to have the latest and hottest in gym chic, it’s not entirely necessary. You want gym clothes that are functional, which is why a men’s sleeveless hoodie works well when the sweat starts to hit the fan.

No Sleeves, No Problem

Wonderful additions to any workout enthusiast’s wardrobe include various tank tops and a men’s sleeveless hoodie. Many men feel that they cannot wear sleeveless shirts unless they have well-defined, muscular biceps. That just isn’t true. A men’s sleeveless hoodie looks great on anyone—even the ladies. You can worry about how you show your body off once you’re outside the gym—you should buy gym clothes that facilitate your workout, and these sleeveless hoodies allow your arms to breathe.

If you’re a woman and you want to wear a men’s sleeveless hoodie, we say go for it. Wearing a funky-colored sports bra underneath will make sure that you aren’t showing too much, but it also hints at your fun, creative side. You know, just in case someone is looking.

Gym Pants

Whether they’re made of nylon or cotton, you’ll want a proper pair of gym pants to get you through each workout session—in fact, you’ll probably want several of each type, so you don’t have to wash your gym clothes every day. It will ultimately save you time and money to do so, and you won’t have to worry about breaking your routine to do your laundry.

Proper Shoes

You don’t want to buy just any shoes—you’ll want shoes that are lightweight, breathable, and are made to do a variety of activities. Do not specifically buy running shoes, just because of their name—if you’re not a runner, a variety of quality sneakers are available to you.

Look up reviews for the shoes you’re interested in, and only buy them if they are not only within your budget, but are comfortable. It is ill-advised to buy gym shoes without trying them on—after all, you don’t want to give yourself blisters while working out! The shoes you wear play a big part in your comfort during a workout, so choose them carefully.

Additional Accessories

While most accessories you wear to the gym consist of sweatbands or gloves, it’s important to bring other accessories that will make you feel at home while at the gym, like headphones.

Towels, while not an accessory, are a great idea to bring to the gym—it’s common courtesy to wipe your own sweat off of the machines, or you can use the towel in yoga class to pat down your forehead and neck.

Follow these guidelines, and you’re sure to have the perfect gym outfit in no time!