Inside the District: Chatting with Rhea Aslin

Who is Rhea Aslin? Rhea is one of the masterminds behind the creation of the District brand. She oversees the creative direction of the brand, including design, merchandising and marketing. Before taking the helm at District, she held management roles in merchandising, design and buying for companies like Wet Seal, Pac Sun, Lucky Brand Jeans, O’Neill and Rusty.

What were some of the inspirations for the most recent offering?

Really, we saw a void in the imprinted apparel market. When we looked around, we saw the same styles and approach from brand to brand—nothing that really spoke to the emerging fashion trends. We wanted to bring a fresh perspective, and offer cuts, fabrics and styles that individuals want to wear on campus, at the club, or in the casual workplace.

District and District Made give our customers (our citizens) a blank canvas to express themselves, but we wanted to be sure the canvas itself was cool and relevant. The line has attention to details that fashion-conscious people want and appreciate.

Give me an example of a couple trends that the newest line of District incorporates.

Bright colors are huge right now, and the District lines have these in spades —neon pink, neon yellow, fuchsia, bright blues, and many more. Young people, especially, are looking for these vibrant hues.

Stripes of all kinds are also really hot this season. We’ve incorporated stripes throughout the two lines, both in traditional ways and in our tie-dye patterns.

What would you say the District philosophy is and how does that translate to design?

District is all about being inclusive. Sharing art and fashion with everyone. It’s a place that brings people together. With that in mind, we wanted to ensure our styles fit a range of body types well. We appreciate individuality – you sense this when you experience our catalog, website, Facebook, etc.  Anyone who is optimistic, fun, and creative “fits” in and will look great in our clothes.  That is why we offer every single style AND color from XS-4XL for both men and women in both brands.

We also paid a lot of attention to washability and wearability. People are going to be able to wear these pieces over and over again. Our styles will be their next favorite t-shirt or hoodie that they just can’t part with.

What are some of your favorite brands besides District?

I’m inspired by a lot of different designers and brands. For the District, our inspiration isn’t so much derived from the couture runway but more of the fashion you see on the street, at the beach, at the skate park, on tv, in mags, blogs…I can go on and on. We make clothes people can feel good and have fun in. This isn’t a knock-off or me-too brand.  District and District Made were built from the ground up.

What are some of your favorite fashion trends right now?

By far neon is huge, and bright colors in general are definitely in.  No better way to express your individuality by wearing a loud color…or bright ink colors on a great District or District Made t-shirt.

Tanks for both men and women are big this summer. I love that guys are now sporting this trend.  And girls have so many options like t-backs and racerbacks.  Throw tie dye in a tank and it’s a homerun!

Individuality is my favorite trend though.  So many ways to express your creative side through fashion.