Kicked Back Comfort

Though we miss the longer days as daylight grows shorter in winter, we’re looking forward to cozy nights on the couch.

With those shortened days also comes longer, cooler nights. On cool nights—especially with family gathered for the holidays—it’s great to wear a piece that’s effortless. This season, our District Fleece Loungers blend childhood nostalgia with warmth and comfort for those cozy nights.

Onesies aren’t just for the little ones. Offered in unisex adult sizing, our loungers are perfect for the entire family. Made of 100% polyester, they offer countless opportunities for decoration and personalization. Monogramming on sleeves or breastplate are obvious options, but there’s tons of room to get creative.

No matter how they’re decorated, our fleece loungers are sure to bring joy to the whole crew. Kick back in comfort and make the most of long nights to come!