Knock ‘Em Out of the Park with a Baseball Tee for Women

baseball shirts for women

Thanks to a recent empowering Super Bowl commercial, doing anything athletic “like a girl” doesn’t mean what it used to! Embrace the girl power and wear our your 50/50 3/4-Sleeve Raglan baseball tee for women proudly all summer long!

Cutoff jean shorts + Sneakers

Our 50/50 3/4-Sleeve Raglan Tee looks great when it’s fitted and worn to size. But wearing tees just like this one also look cool when they’re a little oversized! This trend is a friend of those who have a bit of an unconventional fashion sense or just like their looks to be a little unexpected. Try our baseball tee for women a few size larger than normal along with a worn-in pair of distressed jean shorts and sneakers for the ultimate cool girl look.

sleeve raglan baseball tee for women

Glitter skirt + Denim jacket

If the words girly, feminine, and pretty describe your favorite go-to outfits, baseball tees might not be the first things you think of adding to your closet. But paired with the right items, it can give your usual look a fresh new take. Go glam by wearing our fitted 50/50 3/4-Sleeve Raglan Tee with a shimmer-tastic skirt, a cute pair of shoes, and a classic jean jacket.

Yoga pants + Flip flops

Can you get any more loungey than this? Yoga pants have become more about comfort than actually getting your downward dog on. Throw on our relaxed, cotton blend baseball tee for women and your go-to pair of flip flops for a easy breezy summer look that will never get old.

Skinny dress pants + Blazer

Ever thought it would be okay to wear a raglan baseball tee to work? With the right items and accessories accompanying our 50/50 3/4-Sleeve Raglan Tee, it will give your business casual a perfect summer-friendly sporty vibe. Choose one of the solid color options and wear with a sharp pair of fitted dress pants, blazer, and heels or flats along with a few jewelry items for a look your coworkers will be copying in no time!

Distressed jeans + Baseball cap

All of the outfits we’ve mentioned have a touch of the unexpected. We love putting new twists on old classics, whether it’s wearing heels or a skirt with a baseball tee. But sometimes, what’s old is new, and a classic is still a classic without any unique additions or quirky pairings. Jeans go great with our baseball tee for women, and paired with its counterpart, the baseball cap, you have a look that will never steer you wrong.

Hit a home run this summer with District® Clothing’s 50/50 3/4-Sleeve Raglan baseball tee for women along with your favorite summer fashion essentials for unique looks that are all your own!