Comfort is always in style. That’s one big reason why t-shirts are far more than a fashion trend, enduring season after season no matter what else comes and goes. Because of this timelessness, vintage and vintage-inspired t-shirts are always just as popular as the modern ones. The lived in look that vintage style evokes takes the regular comfort of a t-shirt and turns it up a notch, creating great opportunities for style that feels as good as it looks. You can get this vintage look of comfort at District® with our Dip Dye and Faded Tees.

Get the Vintage, Lived in Look with District®

faded crew neck

You can get the comfort of vintage without going through all the effort it takes to discover a great vintage find. You won’t believe the softness of these enduring styles that capture the spirit of great vintage.

  • Faded Tees: These gorgeous, soft t-shirts feature faded color that’s concentrated in the seams, a gorgeous detail that makes these shirts stand out on their own or look polished beneath your favorite jacket. Try a flattering Rounded V-Neck Faded Tee that highlights the collarbone for women, or a classic Crew Neck Faded Tee for men.


  • Dip Dye Tees: Ombre coloring isn’t just for hair. These dip dye faded tees feature a beautiful color gradation from light to dark that makes them stand out as more than just your ordinary t-shirt (and is slimming to boot). The gradual fade gives both the women’s Rounded V-Neck and men’s Dip Dye Crew Neck an eye-catchingly soft, lived in look.


Whether you choose to go faded or dip dye, these vintage-inspired styles playfully match faded color and saturation for a unique twist on a wardrobe basic, creating lots of opportunities to express yourself through style.

faded tees

Styling for Vintage Comfort

To get that perfect, lived in look, you need more than just the t-shirt. Capture the fun and comfort of vintage-inspired style by styling your faded tees in fun ways that evoke a nostalgic spirit. For women, this might mean anything from a messy half-tuck into your favorite faded jeans to pairing it with a skirt featuring a wild and bright print. Try rolling up the sleeves and wearing slacks and suspenders for an outfit that’s dressy, yet playful. For men, match a dip dye tee and a pair of perfectly distressed jeans for a look that exudes casual comfort. Don’t be afraid to get creative and express yourself; these basic clothes are the perfect blank canvas to play around with your sense of style. Put your personal stamp on it.

At District®, we’re all about comfortable, enduring style that creates a canvas for self-expression. Our versatile clothes provide comfort from day one, and only shine more as you get the chance to live in them longer. From faded tees to sweatshirts and loungewear, our clothes are just waiting to become your next go-to. Shop our online store to stock up on wardrobe must-haves.