Long Sleeves Trends for Guys This Fall Season

What does fall mean to you? To us, it means football, back-to-school season, and cool, crisp weather. At a certain point every year, you realize that it’s about time to put away the tank tops and flip-flops and start bringing out your fall and winter clothes again. Before the brisk temperatures arrive, you’ll want to be ready with all your jeans, boots, hoodies, and long sleeve shirts on hand.

Whether you’re the kind of guy that opts for new threads every September, or you’re just pulling out the old, reliable attire, odds are you need some ideas for what to wear this year. District® Clothing has a wide variety of shirts that are perfect for all kinds of fall outfits. Check out some of the awesome autumn outfits we came up with and try them out this year!

District® Gravel 50/50 Long Sleeve Henley Tee

Long Sleeve Henley Shirt

Henley tees are an easy way to instantly look fashionable while still staying comfortable and casual. These attractive long sleeve shirts also look great with other form-fitting clothes, like a really nice pair of jeans and some cool shoes. Throw on our trendy Slouch Beanie, and you’re ready to take on anything your day (or night) throws at you!

District Made™ Perfect Weight™ Long Sleeve Tee

Long Sleeve Tee Shirt

This basic design works with a multitude of outfits and styles, but it could also be a great way to show your team pride when worn under a tee or jersey! Add more emphasis to your spirited style by sporting your team’s colors with one of our Vintage Striped Beanies.

District Made™ Long Sleeve Washed Woven Shirt

Long Sleeve Wash Woven Shirt

  • Khakis
  • Wool blazer
  • Dress shoes

Fall isn’t just for hoodies, jeans, and casual long sleeve shirts. Sometimes, you need to dress up a little, whether it’s for business or pleasure! This updated version of the classic suit is perfect for a first date or first day at your cool new job. Up the ante with a unique bow tie!

District® Long Sleeve Thermal

Long Sleeve Camo Thermal Shirt

  • Sweatpants
  • Sneakers
  • Backpack

College is often referred to as the best time of your life. You can study what you want, schedule classes when you want, and wear what you want. Keep it cool and comfortable this school year with our warm thermal tee, sweats, and sneakers. Make this look the unofficial uniform for your college years!

District® Textured Long Sleeve Tee

Long Sleeve Textured Shirt

Sometimes, all you need are some classic jeans paired with a t shirt. Combine this uniquely textured shirt with any one of our warm, stylish full-zip hoodies, and you’ll be set for a full fall day of fun!

Be sure to visit our online store today to find the perfect long sleeve shirts to add to your fall collection!