It seems like everyone’s falling in love lately, and that includes us. We are in LOVE with our Microburn® and raglan tees. Available in a wide variety of colors and styles, including romantic pink and passionate red, these feminine tees put a sweet spin on your favorite go-to wardrobe items, making it easy to effortlessly dress in style and comfort every day. Here’s all the reasons we love Microburn® and raglan tees so much, and think you will too once you’ve tried them.

sangria double v tank

How to Wear a Flirty Microburn® Tee

We’re in love with love Microburn® tees because of their simple versatility. Made from our special Microburn® fabric, which is ultra-light and features a weathered look with a variation of colors, Microburn® tees are a must-have basic for any woman’s wardrobe. The practically weightless material makes these shirts especially good for two things. First, on those hot summer days, a Microburn® tank or t-shirt is always the next best thing to nothing. Second, feminine tees like our Hi/Lo Microburn® are perfect for layering, and look especially great with something contrasting underneath. Whether you wear it over jeans or a flirty skirt, this creates a girly, adorable look that’s stylish but totally comfortable and easy to throw together.

raglan tee pink sleeves

Capture Sporty Style in a Raglan Tee

We’re in love with raglan feminine tees because they seamlessly provide both functionality and style. Raglan shirts get their name from the style of their sleeves, which are made from one piece, creating an unusual diagonal seam out from the neckline, and are often a different color of the rest of the shirt. This style allows for a larger range of motion for the arm, so this style is particularly popular for sports. They are even sometimes known as “baseball shirts” instead of raglan shirts because baseball jerseys are typically made in this style. A ¾ Sleeve Raglan Tee over jeans or your favorite denim shorts creates a sporty, casual style for summer nights or fall excursions. You can even capture the best of both microburn® and raglan with a Microburn® Raglan Tee.

Microburn® and Raglan for the Boys

Microburn® and raglan shirts aren’t just feminine tees. Our men’s and young men’s collections feature plenty of tough Microburn® and raglan styles, like the lightweight Microburn® Raglan Tee, that brings the comfort and versatility of these basics to any man’s wardrobe. Microburn® and raglan are a great way to add visual variety to a man’s wardrobe without straying too far from simple style.

From feminine tees to masculine muscle shirts, District® has something for everyone to fall in love with. Our wide variety of basics and basics-with-a-twist provide the versatility you need to make every outfit a comfortable expression of your fashion sense. Shop our online store today to find quality essentials that you can build a wardrobe on. Share the love and shop everything in pink and red!