Make the Most of College With These Fun Tips

So you’re heading off to college this fall. You know the basics: study hard, make friends, and get involved. But there are a few things that anyone needs to do before graduating college, whether they’re at a big state school, a small school, or a prestigious Ivy League school.  When you get to your college of choice, keep this checklist in mind, along with a few District® fashion tips, to help you make the most of your four (or more) years. Fair warning: these years will go by fast!

Football Games

We know that not all schools have football teams, or even good ones. But no matter what your team’s record is, the size of their league, or caliber of players, you have to at least attend one game before you graduate. Many college games are played on weekend afternoons, so it’s a good way to get to know your fellow students away from the classroom and have some fun outside! If you haven’t picked up a shirt or hoodie with your official team logo on it, try layering one of District’s® tees or hoodies with our Long Sleeve Thermal shirt. You’ll stay warm for the whole game, whether your team wins or loses.

Walk around Town

So many universities around the country are located in, or around, some great cities and towns. Don’t feel like you have to stay on campus (this is especially true if you don’t have a car)! Even if it’s a few miles away and a little chilly out, throw on your long sleeve thermal shirt, jeans, and sneakers and take a walk into town! Odds are, you’ll find some interesting places from stores to restaurants and more!

Hit Every Inch of Campus

Maybe you’re a biology major and all the science buildings are in one part of campus and you can’t imagine why you would need to visit the theater building, but college is all about experiencing new things and getting out of your comfort zone. Stay up-to-date on all campus happenings like fine arts, speakers, discussions, and more. Or keep it casual, in sweats and a long sleeve thermal shirt, and pick a night to go exploring. You might even find an unofficial group or club meeting on that random grassy knoll.

Enjoy the Outdoors

Odds are, your post-grad career will have you stuck indoors a lot. Take advantage of your class schedule and spend some time outside in the middle of a weekday! Whether it’s appreciating your sunny walk to class or organizing a pickup football game on the greens, these may be some of the best memories you make. Be sure to prepare for the weather! Rain coats, boots, long sleeve thermals, and hoodies are college wardrobe musts for all the time you’ll be spending outside.