Invited to an “Ugly Holiday Sweater” party with nothing to wear? Decorating your own unique piece will definitely get you in the holiday spirit, and since District loves the holidays, we’re excited to teach you how to make an ugly sweater!

To get your materials together, first grab our Concert Fleece Crew Sweatshirt, available in Black, Grey, New Navy, and New Red. Now, read on to explore a couple of our favorite ugly sweater design ideas before heading to your local craft store for the rest of your supplies.

The Christmas Tree

For the first of our ugly sweater design ideas, grab some green felt that you can cut into a large festive tree and hot glue the strips to your sweater. To decorate the tree, get holiday decorations like candy canes, stars, candies, pom poms, and garlands. The more outrageous your tree is, the better!

Become a Walking Advent Calendar

You’ll be able to count down the days to your favorite holiday by transforming yourself into an advent calendar. For Christmas, all you have to do is cut out 25 felt circles, put numbers on them with glitter glue, sharpie, or fabric marker, and hot glue them to the front of the sweater in 5×5 rows. Mark the current day with a flashy ornament you can pin into place.

You can also count down the days to Hanukkah with blue and white felt, dreidels, and gelt, or Kwanzaa with symbols of the seven principles of the holiday.

Paint It On

If you like to draw, use fabric paint to sketch your own whimsical holiday designs onto the front of your sweater. You can imagine a snowman, a reindeer, a Kinara, presents, or snowflakes.

Whichever idea you choose, make sure that you commit to your design! An ugly sweater that doesn’t make someone laugh might not be ugly at all. For more ugly sweater design ideas, visit the District blog frequently for more new and creative posts!