Mix Style, Comfort, & Minimalism with Men’s Plain T-Shirts

You may be seeing a new trend in fashion. What is style minimalism? Minimalist fashion takes it back to the essentials. This includes the clothing items you really need and the ones you wear most often. A true minimalist wardrobe consists of only the basics. Once you take the time to sort through the items you almost never wear, you must go through your remaining items, figure out what you still need, and start making evergreen combinations.

District® Clothing’s fashion basics are perfect additions to a minimalist collection. We have so many men’s plain t-shirts to choose from, here are a few that would be a perfect part of your new minimalistic style:

The Solid Colored Crew Neck


The image that comes to mind when we think of a t-shirt is the classic crew neck. Our Perfect Weight® Crew Tee truly encompases this image flawlessly. Available in over a dozen color options, this is the perfect t-shirt to add to your minimalist collection as the go-to solid color tee.

The Long Sleeve Tee


As much as we need a variety of men’s plain t-shirts, we can’t rule out the long sleeve tee! From fall to spring, you will get so much wear out of one long sleeve t-shirt, you’d be amazed. Wear our Perfect Weight® Long Sleeve Tee solo with a pair of jeans, layer under a hoodie or jacket, or even mix and match with your favorite vest and accessories.

The Solid V-Neck Tee


We love the versatility of a v-neck t-shirt. This look really works with all kinds of styles and occasions. Our Perfect Weight® V-Neck Tee can be worn just about any where, any time, whether you’re heading to a date, a guys’ night out, or to the gym. Opt for a neutral to really get some miles out of this fashion basic.  

The Heathered Henley Tee


Henley Tees may not be the first style that comes to mind when you think of simple, minimalistic men’s plain t-shirts. But it’s important to have a good variety of pieces that will add versatility to your scaled down wardrobe. We love the go-to look and feel of our Grey Heather Tri-Blend Short Sleeve Henley Tee. Perfect for dressed up and dressed down looks alike!

The Personality Tee


What can a simple tee really say about you? The great thing about our men’s plain t-shirts is that you can make them say whatever you want them to! A minimalist closet doesn’t have to be absent of any character, so be sure to include at least a few items, like our Men’s Tri-Blend Pocket Tee that feature a fun detail or unique look.

Get back to the basics with men’s plain t-shirts and more from District® Clothing.