Music + Style: The Greatest Rock & Roll Fashion Icons

Music has always been on the forefront of iconic trends, especially in rock and roll fashion. After all, it wasn’t just Elvis’s music that had the ladies swooning—it was his style, the way he swaggered and swayed in those shiny suits and blue suede shoes!

Stars push fashion in ways few others can. As a salute to those gregarious style-makers, here are our nominations for the biggest rock and roll fashion icons in (fairly) recent memory. Have fun ogling over these magnificent fashion spectacles!

There’s no doubt that when it comes to this Material Girl, Madonna’s fashion turned heads. Her extensive use of layers, lace, and bright colors set the tone for popular 80’s neons and gothic undertones. To recreate her iconic look, try layering a colorful hoodie with a graphic t-shirt. Top it off with a bright scarf, or even wrap it around your head for rock and roll vibes.

Michael Jackson
With an effortlessly cool style that focused on solid tones, hats, and cool jackets, Michael Jackson looks are instantly recognizable. To emulate this simple yet stylish look, wear a bold t-shirt, plain black pants, and top it off with a sweater or military-style jacket.

Gwen Stefani
An infectious stage presence, Gwen Stefani’s style is reminiscent of English punk and ska fashion fit for any frontwoman. To recreate her cool rock and roll fashion, pair a casual camo print top with a weathered baseball hat and you’re ready for the stage.

Lady Gaga
Perhaps the most talked about pop star in the last few years, Lady Gaga has taken fashion to new bounds. With her statement red carpet dresses, Lady Gaga transforms fashion into canvases for emerging designers. Her bold use of colors makes it easy to recreate her looks, by pairing a pink racerback dress with a quirky pair of shoes or purse.

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