Nail Art DIY

Looking for some nail art tips for the warm weather ahead? Us too! We can always rely on our favorite site ( for DIY nail art inspo.

This classic french tip nail gets an upgrade with some geometric patterns. These specific colors caught our eye for Spring and Summer, but you can switch up the colors to suit your mood. Read on below for the how-to.

1. Apply 2 coats of opaque light lilac nail polish and wait until completely dry.
2. Attach striping tape as pictured. Make sure the tape is attached to the nail properly to ensure the clean lines.
3. Using detailing nail art brush, paint the small diagonal line with white nail polish and the small triangle above with yellow polish.
4. Using the same detailing nail art brush, paint the large triangle detail in peach color.
5. Carefully remove the striping tape with tweezers from all nails.
6. Clean up around cuticles where required, apply 2 coats of a quick dry clear top coat. You’re done!