Your New Versatile Must-Have: The Sweatshirt Cardigan


At District® Clothing, we believe that versatility is king. The best fashion basics are the ones that you can wear over and over again with a variety of outfits and styles all year long. It seems like a simple idea, however true versatility can be hard to find. If you’re looking for the latest functional fashion find, look no further than the sweatshirt cardigan. What exactly is a sweatshirt cardigan you ask? Just like it sounds, it combines the best qualities of both a sweatshirt and a cardigan sweater to provide you with stylish and comfortable warmth for any occasion.

District Made’s® Cardigan Sweater is our take on this new trend. This button-up, pocketed, cotton blend sweater is just the item you need for year-round style you can wear everywhere. See just how versatile this piece can be with these outfit ideas:

Jeans + T-Shirt

Who doesn’t love the classic look of a jeans and t-shirt? This look works all year round with the right additions. Throw on our cardigan sweater to give your casual outfit a boost of comfort and style. Dress it up with heels or down with sneakers and a cap.

Sweats + Sneakers

Do you ever have those days that you just want to wear sweats all day? Such looks are becoming increasingly fashionable, especially with the right items. Try our Core Fleece Pant or Core Fleece Short with a sweatshirt cardigan for acomfortable yet stylish look that is perfect for coffee dates or hanging out with friends.

Boardshorts + Sandals


Believe it or not, the sweatshirt cardigan can be the perfect summer-friendly cover up! Make our cardigan sweater your go-to choice this summer! Featuring District’s® beachy Boardshorts, this look is ideal for summer nights on the water, hikes, boat rides, and more!

Collared Shirt + Dress Pants

You know a piece of clothing is versatile when you can wear it everywhere! Our cardigan sweater works as loungewear just as well as it works as workwear. Pair it with a dress shirt or other collared shirt, like our Washed Woven Shirt, along with dress pants and shoes for a comfortable, quality office look that your coworkers will envy!

Jacket + Boots

A versatile piece of clothing has to be all-weather. That means you can wear it all year round, from sunny July all the way through snowy January! Make the sweatshirt cardigan your winter staple by layering it with long sleeve shirts, jackets, coats, and your favorite seasonal boots. By replacing your old fleece or sweatshirt with our cardigan sweater you will amp up the fashion without losing any warmth!

Combine year round fashion with practical versatility with a sweatshirt cardigan! Wear District® Clothing’s cardigan sweater everywhere you go!