District on OCStyleReport.com

We’re always thrilled when District’s quality basics get featured by others, and we love the take that OCStyleReport.com recently took on our Microburn® Wide Neck Tee. We like to think of each one of our versatile shirts as a blank canvas that creates the opportunity for you to express your style and fashion on any occasion. That’s exactly the approach that OCSR brought to their coverage of our favorite Microburn tee, providing suggestions on how to create a wide variety of outfits around just this one basic piece. Here’s a recap of their suggestions—as well as a few styling tips of our own.

hi/lo tee in gray


For their relaxed weekend look, OCSR paired the Microburn® Tee with shiny leggings, a slouchy utility jacket, and Converse, but this is just one way that you can wear this flexible basic when your goal is casual comfort. In warmer weather, the Microburn® looks great with your favorite denim shorts and a big pair of movie-star sunglasses. In cooler weather, pair one of these versatile shirts with leggings, a scarf, a cascade cardigan, and shearling boots for a flowing look that will keep you warm all day.


OCSR showed how the casual look of our Microburn® Tee could tone down a sequin jacket or mini for daytime wear to brunch or the office. Here’s another suggestion for turning any of your favorite versatile shirts into a daytime business casual look. Wear your Microburn® Tee with skinny tailored slacks, a blazer, and ballet flats for a hip but toned down take on a suited look that combines professional with comfortable.


The most versatile shirts can transition effortlessly from day to night by adding and dropping just a few pieces, and the Microburn® shirt is no exception. OCSR created the stunning look pictured above with just skinny jeans, a feather jacket, and strappy heels. Another nighttime look we love is tucking the tee into a flirty ballerina skirt and glamming it up with glittery accessories. You can wear your favorite platform heels to show off your legs or ballet flats if you want to give your feet a rest for the evening.

Date Night

For a romantic look, OCSR tucked the Microburn® into a flowery maxi skirt and topped it off with a wide belt. We love this suggestion, but have another one of our own. Pair your Microburn® Tee with tailored shorts, a leather jacket, and over-the-knee boots for an edgy date-night look.

Each one of these outfits presents a totally different image, yet they all start from the same basic place: a District® Microburn® Tee. But that’s just the beginning of our unbelievable selection. If you’re looking for versatile shirts that can be worn in as many ways as you can imagine, District’s online store is your new best friend. Shop our wide selection of basics and essentials to find that key foundational piece you need for every outfit. So what are you waiting for? Shop today to give your wardrobe the flexibility boost it needs!