How to Have the Perfect Girls/Guys Night In

Everyone loves an epic party, but sometimes you need a good old-fashioned girls and/or guys night in to take a break from all the primping, grooming and effort! Get all your friends together for a relaxing hang session and consider incorporating some of these fun and easy ideas to make it a night to remember!

Themed Movie Night

Instead of struggling to find a DVD or On Demand movie that no one has seen yet, go for a themed movie night of classics that the whole group would love to watch for the umpteenth time, or for the first time in a while. Anything goes here, from 90s teen movies to horror classics, childhood favorites and more! You can even get really specific by choosing a specific actor or series that everyone in the group loves. Go the extra mile and have snacks that follow the theme!

Dress Code – Customized T Shirts and More

You may have had dressy parties in the past, but this is not one of them. The goal of the night in is to chill out, relax, and be comfortable for the duration. District’s® collection of loungewear will have you covered, as well as our variety of made-for-comfort tees and hoodies! If you’re throwing this hang sesh for a particular occasion like a birthday or bachelorette party, you can even make fun, customized t shirts for everyone! Customized t shirts are a great way to bond, be silly and create memories.


50/50 3/4-Sleeve Raglan Tee

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Customizable Menu

Instead of just ordering pizzas, try creating your own pizza bar! A cheap, easy, and fun way to find something for everyone. Buy mini pizza crusts or larger ones and assign everyone a slice or two. Have classic toppings available like cheese, pepperoni, and sauce, but add in some fun, non-conventional options too, like cut-up hot dogs, potato chips, or even mac and cheese! You could also create a taco bar or sandwich bar, or have everyone bring a different fast food item for a total junk food fest!

Activities for All

Sure board games can be fun, but putting a fresh new spin on some party classics will be a surefire crowd pleaser! Have people bring over different video games and systems and set up different stations all around your place. Ask if anyone has some vintage games to throw into the mix for some old-school fun! Grown-up takes on sleepover favorites like Truth or Dare are always fun, but doing a quick online search for fun party games may help you discover something brand new!

So just to recap: customized t shirts, junk food, games, frivolity…sounds like one memorable night!