The Perfect Ladies’ Sweatshirt for Your Morning Run

ladies sweatshirts Making a commitment to an exercise routine is challenging all year round, but you might find yourself having an especially hard time during cold or gloomy weather. That’s why having the right ladies’ sweatshirts in your wardrobe is crucial for sticking to outdoor workout plans such as jogging. No one wants to feel cold while attempting to exercise, but it’s easy to become too hot as well. Having an assortment of ladies’ sweatshirts is important if you want to eliminate the excuses that could potentially disrupt your workout routine.

Do You Work Out in the Morning, Afternoon, or Evening?

We all have to fit exercise in when we can. Maybe you’re a morning person who likes to get your jog in at the crack of dawn. Or, perhaps you find it easier to hit the streets for a run after finishing work in the afternoon. You might even choose to brave the colder weather in the evenings, enjoying the twilight as the sun goes down. There is no wrong time to go jogging, but you might want to adjust your workout gear depending on when you go.

ladies sweatshirts The Morning Jog

Even if you live in a warmer climate that has sunny days in the winter, chances are that the early morning hours will be a bit chilly. Your body heat will rise as you run, but you will still need a light sweater to ensure you stay warm. This Core Fleece Wide Neck Pullover sweatshirt is perfect for morning runs. It combines lightweight comfort with the warmth of fleece in a pullover sweater with a draw cord to tighten the bottom. This gives you further protection from the cold and keeps your sweater in place as you run.

The Afternoon Jog

Ladies’ sweatshirts in a lighter weight are perfect for breezy afternoons when the sun is shining but the air is still a little brisk. Whether you’re headed out for athletic practice or a solo jog around the neighborhood, our Juniors Lightweight Full-zip Hoodie is a great choice for your attire. Layer it over a tank top, sports bra, or t-shirt if it’s warm out, or try it over a long-sleeved thermal on days when the wind is blowing. The front pockets are perfect for keeping your phone or mp3 player safe and sound as you run. With color choices like black, white, fuchsia, or grey, it’s easy to work this versatile little hoodie into your wardrobe.

ladies sweatshirts The Evening Jog

If you’re going to jog after the sun goes down, it’s best to do it on the track. Darkness means less visibility for motorists, and if you listen to music while you run, you might not hear an oncoming car. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t safely jog at night on regular city roads if you use common sense. 

Stick to well-lit areas when you can, and if you’re going to be jogging on rural or unlit roads, it’s a good idea to choose a colored hoodie, such as our Concert Fleece™ Hoodie, a pullover sweatshirt that comes in fun colors like red and purple. Add a white scarf and gloves, and you’ll increase your visibility even more.

District® Has the Ladies’ Sweatshirts You Need

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