Post-Graduation Party Outfits

The Graduation Aura

Final exams, yearbooks, caps, gowns, and family photos are all indications of the upcoming graduation season. At this time of year, feelings of bittersweet endings emerge as graduates nervously plan for the next stages of their lives.

Regardless of the level of education, graduation from high school, college, or graduate school is a highly valued step towards a promising future. Because of its importance as a significant milestone in any student’s life, graduations deserve exciting celebrations with loved ones.

Stylistic Choices

Whether you’re a graduate or you’re celebrating the graduation of a friend, you’ll need an assortment of outfits to wear to the parties, dinners, and ceremonies that are common at the end of the academic year. Since you’ll likely be invited to quite a few of parites, it is helpful to consider the number of outfit choices to be made.

While caps and gowns are the most important part of graduate attire, you’ll still need to choose a formal outfit to wear underneath. Furthermore, events that require formal dress usually follow the official graduation ceremony and require some shopping and consideration as well. If you’re having some trouble choosing an appropriate and fitting outfit for any of these events, District can help you figure out what to wear to a graduation party.

Distinct, Diverse, and Decorative

Post-Graduation Party OutfitsTo avoid a looking boring and bland, it is important to choose different outfits that cover a wide array of different styles. For the ceremony itself, it may be a good idea to pair the traditional graduation attire with a relatively formal dress or a pair of slacks with a button-down shirt.

As the outfit you wear with your cap and gown is the one that will be stamped in everyone’s photos as you walk across the stage, its importance cannot be understated. Be sure that your clothing exhibits a relatively neutral style that won’t clash with the school colors on your graduation regalia.

In addition, invest in high quality and upscale shoes, rather than sneakers or casual sandals. If you purchase a new pair of shoes for the occasion, try them on to ensure they’re comfortable and fit well—you wouldn’t want to trip while receiving your diploma!

Post-Graduation Party OutfitsFor the celebrations following the official ceremony, you may want to change into something more fun and casual. When choosing what to wear to a graduation party, figure out the acceptable attire for each of your events and choose something appropriate for each occasion.

What to Wear to a Graduation Party at the Beach

If you live in a hot climate with lots of sun and sand leading up to the summer season, you may be invited to outdoor graduation parties that call for beach attire. While it may seem difficult to maintain a formal style of attire at a generally informal venue, there are a number of different staples that can be added to your outfit to dress up a casual outfit. As to what to wear to a graduation party at the beach, you’ll want to go for a relaxed and formal look that embraces the outdoor vibe.

Beach parties typically start during the daytime and proceed into the nighttime. As the climate is chillier by the water, think about bringing a light sweater or consider different ways to adjust your outfit to keep you comfortable and warm.

A daytime beach graduation party will be warm and relaxed, so it’s usually appropriate to dress in shorts and a t-shirt or a casual dress. It’s easy to create a simple and fun look that will allow you to take full advantage of the sunny weather.

Ocean Appropriate Attire

Post-Graduation Party OutfitsIf you’re one to jump in the ocean to cool off, you may want to wear a bathing suit with a cute swim cover-up on top. This look is great for a beach party because the quickly-drying fabric blend allows you to enjoy the water while still being optimal for dressing up or down to conform to the attire of the event.

Dress Up or Dress Down

A versatile cover-up, worn to the beach, can still be tailored for elegance and grace. While heels and a belt make your cover-up appear more dressy, for example, sandals and a hat speak to a more casual look—District’s distressed cap has the added value of providing protection from the sun. Don’t forget to bring your favorite pair of sunglasses to boost your style while shielding your eyes from harmful UV rays.

When your beach graduation party transitions into night, a beach bonfire is a popular way party goers like to compensate for the cooling weather. To transition your daytime beach look into the evening, it’s easy to layer up with a warm cardigan.

Cardigans are generally lightweight and can easily be carried around throughout the day. If you tend to purchase exclusively bright-colored or patterned garments, shop around for sweaters that will match with more of your outfits. To maintain a consistent look, choose a neutral color that will match the other colors you decide to wear.

What to Wear to a Graduation Garden Party

Post-Graduation Party OutfitsAn afternoon garden party is another classic way to celebrate the graduation milestone. With a preppy and classy aesthetic, a garden party sets a tone befitting growing up and still leaves plenty of room to be tailored according to different personalities. Garden parties are neither exclusively fancy nor casual, and can vary depending on the host’s preferences.

Whether you’re hosting or attending a garden party, it’s easy to decide what to wear to a graduation party like this one. To fit the theme, floral prints are always a stylish and popular choice. A dressy, floral-printed sundress with nice flats and pearls is a particularly beautiful garden party look.

Garden Party Basics

You could also embrace a bright, preppy look and wear colorful basics with timeless style. For example, pair a brightly colored District polo shirt with your favorite flirty skirt to create the base of your garden party outfit. From there, accessorize and style to create a look that can be more or less formal depending on the event.

For a dressier look, add a blazer and a pair of heels or wedges. At outdoor parties, wedges are often preferable to other types of heels because they won’t sink into a grassy area. To look a bit more casual, wear your outfit with an elegant pair of ballet flats.

Whether casual or fancy, this basic ensemble looks great with a wide variety of jewelry to keep you comfortable and fashionable throughout the duration of the celebration.

What to Wear to a Graduation Barbecue

Post-Graduation Party OutfitsCelebrating a graduation tends to be a multi-generational affair that includes grandparents, siblings, and cousins. No type of party is more enjoyable and suitable for the whole family than a barbecue. With delicious food, cool drinks, and a relaxed atmosphere, it’s easy to entertain all of your friends and loved ones in commemoration of your special occasion. When you’re choosing what to wear to a graduation party barbecue, you should prioritize creating a cute look of casual comfort.

Post-Graduation Party OutfitsRecently, crop tops have become a casual dress staple. Crop tops are versatile and are an ideal starting point for a graduation barbecue outfit. When you’re deciding what to wear to a graduation party barbecue, start with the on-trend look of a District crop top that allows you to complete an outfit in a variety of different ways.

You can pick a crop top that’s brightly colored, giving your look an eye-catching pop, or one that’s more neutral, giving you the chance to accessorize colorfully and creatively. Crop tops look just as great with jeans or shorts as they do with a cute mini or more elegant maxi skirt, so you can easily express your personal style.

Easily Adaptable Clothing Staples

As with a beach party, you’ll want to consider the possibility of shifting climates as the day of your graduation barbecue goes along—versatile pieces like a washed woven long-sleeved shirt are a great choice here. This type of lightweight button-down adds just enough warmth for a late-spring evening and easily pairs with denim for a simple look.

Post-Graduation Party OutfitsMoreover, regardless of what you choose to wear to your barbecue, a long sleeve, button up shirt like this can be effortlessly thrown on over almost anything! From your favorite crop top to a summery sundress, it adds an extra layer as the evening sets in. When you’re trying to figure out what to wear to a graduation party, try to find versatile pieces that can help you create a variety of different looks for different graduation parties.

What to Wear to a Family Graduation Dinner

In addition to big graduation parties with all of our friends, most graduates also enjoy a smaller, more intimate graduation celebration with immediate family members, typically over dinner. Like the graduation ceremony itself, a family graduation dinner tends to be a little more formal. While you want to stay comfortable, you may also want to choose a dressier look, such as an elegant, classic dress with heels and jewelry. You can add a layer by wearing a cardigan or blazer on top.

Post-Graduation Party OutfitsSince most graduations occur at the same time of the year, you may find that you’ll be invited to multiple events on the same night. If you’re headed out to a party with friends following a fancier family event, whether it’s a beach bonfire or a house party, you can easily transition a plain solid colored dress into a party dress after your formal family dinner. To adapt to the event that follows, change your shoes and replace your blazer or cardigan with a more casual denim jacket or button-down.

Hosting a Graduation Party

With so many different types of outfits to choose from, depending on the type of graduation event, the dress requirements might be confusing to many of your guests. If you’re the host of a graduation event, be sure to never leave your guests unsure of what to wear.

Post-Graduation Party OutfitsBe specific about the type of event you’ll be throwing and give some ideas as Be specific about the type of event you’ll be throwing and give some ideas as to the expectation of dress in the invitations you send out for your graduation party. That way, your friends and family won’t have to spend too much time and energy deciding what to wear to a graduation party. Instead, let them exert that energy towards celebrating all of your impressive accomplishments!

Tailored to All of Your Needs

If you’re wondering what to wear to a graduation party, look no further than the versatile basics you’ll be sure to find in District’s online store. Our selection of closet essentials will keep you looking stylish and contemporary throughout the array of dinners, parties, and events of the graduation season. As you head off towards your next milestone, like college or your first job, District essentials will promise to always keep you dressed comfortably and fashionably. Shop today to find a style that will cover you at graduation and beyond!