Danish songstress NABIHA has achieved superstar status in Europe and has spent the past month festival-hopping overseas, playing to thousands and thousands of people. Her upcoming EP’s title-track and first single “Mind The Gap” has charted at #1 in the UK, Danish Airplay and across Europe, and is now beginning to hit U.S radio. We recently caught up with her on tour to hear about her upcoming EP, how she stays creative, and her signature style. Check it out!

DC: What’s the best experience you’ve had while you’ve been in Europe touring?

Nabiha: I am so incredibly grateful of how well my music and concerts are received all over! There have been many great experiences, which makes it hard to choose one, but I gotta say the Faroe Islands totally took my breath away! I love travelling to new places, and I had never been there before. The nature is beyond words, incredibly overwhelming…and people are so open and friendly. Luckily, we had time to do a tour of some of the island. I didn’t really have an idea how popular my music was there until the crowd started singing along during sound check. We just knew the concert was gonna be amazing! I would love to go back there – sooner rather than later.

DC: Tell us a little about your upcoming EP.

Nabiha: It’s a mix of songs from both my 1st and 2nd album, together with a couple of brand new songs. I wanted to give the US a little taste of who I am, what I’m about, and what’s to come. A musical journey through the last couple of years of my life, and an introduction to my world. Hopefully you’ll love it as much as I do.

DC: What were your main musical influences for this EP?

Nabiha: I’m mainly influenced by life experiences, people, talks, travels, thoughts, love, and so on. I draw inspiration from my life, and try not to musically limit myself. I love so many different styles and genres, that I tend to wanna mix them up rather than choose between them.

DC: Who is your dream collaboration?

Nabiha: Diplo & Danger Mouse.

DC: What keeps you inspired and feeling creative?

Nabiha: Travelling, art, peace of mind, contemplation, interaction with other people. Sometimes I dream music and wake up trying to record melodies and ideas on my phone. I would say 60% of those either sound shady or make no sense at all, but I make an effort to write and record ideas when I feel inspired. I find it works well for me, and you never know when you’re gonna experience a writer’s block. If or when you do, you wanna have ammo enough to last you through the down period.

DC: What is your fashion staple? How would you describe your style?

Nabiha: Right now, I’m rocking my two long French braids, and I’m very much into mixing boyish streetwear with sexy feminine. Oversized T’s or jumpers with patterned stockings and high heeled boots. Skirts and dresses with plateau sneakers. Same print top and bottom, nail art & jewlery. It’s easy to tone up or down, or mix and match.

DC: What’s your current go-to color to wear at the moment?

Nabiha: This changes all the time. Last week I was in a very black and white kinda place, right now I’m all about the gold & bright yellow, haha! I tend to dress according to my mood, rather than necessarily following a trend. Much like my music, I guess. It’s all in a state of mind.
I have my first vacation this year coming up soon, and I have a feeling I’m gonna go white, pastels and light grey. Simple, clean, soaking up the sun and clearing the mind. So basically, anything goes! I just have fun 😉

DC: Where do you see yourself in a year from now?

Nabiha: I see myself doing exactly what I do now, but on a wider scale. More amazing new places and people to experience, working hard & living my dream, creating music, and being happy and well-balanced.