Q&A With Travel Photographer Erica Connolly

Here at District we have a serious case of wanderlust. That’s why when we found travel photographer/blogger Erica Connolly’s colorful Instagram page we had to get to know her! Currently living in Spain, Erica captures her travels on her blog The One With Wanderlust. Check out our Q&A with her below to find out how she started blogging, some Instagram tips and what keeps her creative.

DC:When did you first start exploring travel photography?
EC: For as long as I can remember, I’ve enjoyed having a camera in my hand. When I was much younger and we would travel as a family, my mom only liked to take pictures with us in them. I would always steal the camera and take photos of exactly the opposite—scenic scenarios without any people at all. We traveled a lot when I was younger, so the interest began at a young age. However, when I moved to Spain two years ago, it definitely grew into an obsession and love affair while photographing every detail across Europe!

Processed with VSCOcam with kk2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with kk2 preset

DC: How did your blog, The One With Wanderlust, start?
EC: I started blogging six years ago when I was a freshman in college. I started blogging casually to have a place to jot down thoughts and short stories about trips I would take with my dad. Then I took an English class where we had to interact with a blog on a weekly basis and that’s when I found Kristin from Camels and Chocolates. Her blog proved to me that people actually get paid to travel the world and write about it and she definitely ignited a fire within me. That sounded like something I wanted to pursue more seriously and it’s been downhill ever since!


DC: What are some of the top ‘colorful’ places you have been to/shot?
EC: By far one of the most colorful places I’ve ever been is Burano, Italy, an island off Venice’s coast. Every house is painted a different, vibrant color, and the island even has regulations for painting and upkeeping the bright color schemes! Copenhagen was also surprisingly colorful. I was there during winter, but the bright buildings beautifully offset the gray skies.


DC: What keeps you inspired and feeling creative?
EC: Traveling! When I travel I do my best to seek out interesting and unusual places and attractions that could be easily overlooked by the principal landmarks. I think these off-the-beaten path experiences make for the best stories, most interesting photos, and sweetest memories. For example, in Prague I made a day trip to a town called Kutna Hora solely to see a church decorated completely with human bones! It was rather creepy, but also beautiful and unlike any church I’ve ever stepped foot in. And in Stockholm I spent a whole afternoon exploring the metro system. Not something most people would think to do, however their metro features some of the best, most intense art I’ve ever seen!


DC: Your Instagram has been growing quickly, what are some tips on capturing the ‘perfect’ Instagram?
EC: I don’t think there really is a “perfect” Instagram. I always tell people, if you think it’s a good photo and it means something to you, share it and stand behind it. That’s really worked for me! I also try really hard to avoid over editing. I generally don’t use filters, but rather edit the brightness, contrast, saturation, etc.


DC: Since we are all about color and creative expression here at District, how do you incorporate color into your wardrobe?
EC: I paint my nails a different color every week! I also love incorporating printed shorts and dresses and colored jeans into my wardrobe.