Quiz: Which District Hat Should You Choose?

Our headwear page has an endless amount of different styles that are perfect for building  your wardrobe. Our collection of hats, caps, and beanie hats for men is ideal for showcasing your individuality.

Not sure which hat to go with? Take this quick quiz to see which head topper is right for you!

  • What is/was your favorite class in school?
    1. Art and English
    2. Math
    3. Does gym class count?
  • What do you do in your free time?
    1. Hang out at my local coffee shop
    2. Explore my city and discover new places
    3. Attend college and pro sports games
  • How would you describe yourself among your group of friends?
    1. The quiet listener
    2. The social organizer
    3. The outgoing comedian
  • What is your favorite genre of music?
    1. Indie alternative
    2. Classic rock
    3. Pop
  • What pet did you have or want growing up?
    1. Cat
    2. Hamster
    3. Dog
  • What’s your go-to fitness activity?
    1. Biking
    2. Fitness class
    3. Weight lifting
  • What is your favorite fashion basic?
    1. Henley shirt
    2. Crew neck sweatshirt
    3. Tank top

Once you’re finished, you’ll need to determine which response you chose most often: 1, 2, or 3.

Mostly 1’s: Beanie

slouch beanie

Our beanie hats for men come in many different styles and colors. You’re the quiet, artsy, sensitive type. Your friends all have similar views on the world, and you often have deep discussions about important social issues.

Fashion is important to you, but you rarely stray away from the pieces that fit your style. You like muted colors, loose fitting shirts, cardigans, and skinny jeans. From the coffee shop friendly Slouch Beanie to the traditional Spaced-Dyed Beanie hat, you’ll want to top off your cool look with one of these soft and warm hats!

Mostly 2’s: Statement hat

distressed military hat

You take pride in being extremely unique. People have tried to peg you into a certain clique or style, but were never really successful. You have a small, close-knit group of friends that you’ve known for years. Here at District®, our statement hats include military hats, cabby hats, and even some of our beanie hats for men. Wherever you go, you’ll be looking good in one of our fashionable hats.

Mostly 3’s: Cap

distressed cap

You’re definitely a guy’s guy! You like to have fun, whether that means rooting for your favorite team, playing video games, or just hanging out with friends. You need a hat that will go with everything, from jeans and a t shirt to sweatpants and a hoodie. You have your own style, and can rock anything from a neon snapback to a plain distressed cap.

In addition to our beanie hats for men, we carry a wide selection of trendy accessories that are just what you need for putting together fall-friendly outfits. Visit our online store today to discover all of our unique styles.