Quiz: What Is Your Signature Style?

Have you always wondered what your personal sense of style is? Here at District Clothing, we are the nexus where our citizens can easily express themselves through style. Before we give you the tools to chisel out your brightest, boldest style, you need to figure out what your signature is. Take this simple find your style quiz to figure out what new items you can add to your closet.

Find Your Style Quiz

Answer each question as honestly as you can and tally up your answers to this find your style quiz:

1. Which t-shirt cut do you prefer?

(a) Sleeveless tank

Sleeveless tank

(b) V-neck

V Neck

(c) Crew neck

Crew neck

(d) Raglan





2. A genius scientist invents a time machine that lets you go back in time, but only for a shopping spree. You pack your bags and decide to jump to the…

(a) The 60s.

(b) The 80s.

(c) The 50s.

(d) The 90s.



3. You’ve become the next Bachelorette, probably due to the positive press you received after being the first woman time traveler. These guys are your final four contestants. You have one rose (yellow or red); who gets it?

(a) Strong and honest Brock

Strong and honest Brock

(b) Sizzling Edgar (get the look here)

Sizzling Edgar

(c) Clean-cut Paul (get the look here)

Clean-cut Paul

(d) Billy, Brock’s slightly better looking twin (get the look here)

Billy, Brock’s slightly better looking twin

4. You cut an evil witch off in traffic. She’s really, really mad and hops off her broom. She threatens to curse you. When you ignore her, she turns you into:

(a) An invisible ghost!

(b) A wrapped up mummy!

(c) A sparkly vampire!

(d) A hairy werewolf!



5. Pick a hoodie. Any hoodie.

(a) White

White Hoodie

(b) Dark Fuchsia

Dark Fuchsia

(c) Black


(d) Dark Heather Grey

Dark Heather Grey



6. When you saw this quiz, what reservation did you have about taking a find your style quiz online?

(a) “You don’t get my style, I don’t even get my style.”

(b) “You can’t pin down my style; it always changes depending on where I’m going.”

(c) “You don’t tell me what my style is!”

(d) “I hope this quiz has pants.”



7. Which of these was your favorite Lindsay Lohan look from Mean Girls?

(a) Ex-Wife (unsexy Halloween costume)

(b) Full-on Plastic

(c) Santa Baby

(d) First day of school plaid



8. You’re wearing your favorite outfit on a date tonight. Do you:

(a) Spray some wrinkle release on it and head out the door?

(b) Iron it, starch it, and hang it up hours before?

(c) Swing by the dry cleaners earlier that day to pick it up?

(d) Pray that you’ve washed it?



9. A house falls on that witch that cursed you, a la The Wizard of Oz. Instead of red slippers, you’re delighted to see that she’s wearing:

(a) Ruby red flip-flops

(b) Flaming red rain boots

(c) Crimson Louboutins

(d) Russet red Converse



10. We’re going to end our find your style quiz with a focus on our ideals at District. Which of District’s mission statements do you most identify with?

(a) “AN ARTISTICALLY CREATIVE TERRITORY. We cultivate a vibrant space where clothes are the medium for artistic expression.”

(b) “AN INSPIRER OF STORIES. We encourage our citizens to create trends and start movements.”

(c) “A CLOTHIER FOR THE EVERYDAY. We create well-made fashion basics for versatile style.”

(d) “AN ENTHUSIASTICALLY INCLUSIVE CULTURE. We celebrate fashion for all with casual clothing for every body.”



Find Your Style Quiz Results

If you answered mostly (a), then your signature style is Bohemian.

BohemianBoho-chic is a free-spirited style that evokes 60s folk and hippie lifestyles. Usually incorporating a flowy, loose fitting top or skirt, we know you pair your Bohemian look with kooky and interesting accessories. Who doesn’t love faux fur, huge glasses, bangles on bangles? As a Bohemian girl, you like to wear an accessory, hat, or a jacket because it brings you joy, even if it doesn’t quite match your outfit. You’re all about feeling right, not looking perfect. Your shoes range from shiny flip flops to heel adorned with unconventional materials. Your hair is loose and natural, though perhaps hidden behind a colorful wrap, inspired scarf, or even an elegant headpiece. Your look is slowly evolving to include elements from 1970s fashion, but the laid back appeal stays the same. Regardless, this style is for those who are a bit off the beaten path and want the world to know it. Check out this Boho look from the District store, a flowy, loose Juniors Strappy Dress. It also comes in white, for Bohemian-chic purists.


If you answered mostly (b), then your signature style is Preppy.

PreppyAre you constantly drawn to pearls, headbands, and men in Lacoste polos? Don’t you just love monogrammed purses and wallets? Prep was born out of the New England university scene and has grown ever since. You value looking polished and put together and your pieces will involve plenty of tailoring. You might always show up looking a little overdressed, but your confidence makes it work. A clean-looking pant is just as captivating as a dress and you look forward to spring sundresses all year. You’re generally not afraid of color—just not too much color—with an odd fondness for pastels, nautical themes, and your school’s color scheme. People will envy your hair because it always looks clean, shiny, and deliberate. Accessories are often dressy, but refined and your shoes will be pretty perfunctory, they might even match your bag. Look for classic patterns, clean belts, and stock up on button ups that make you feel composed and powerful. The Ladies Stretch Pique Polo is a perfect, flattering, and preppy option from the District store.


If you answered mostly (c), then your signature style is Chic.

White Sleeve TeeThe French-named chic style is almost a cross between the preppy and Bohemian looks with a little more emphasis on Fashion with a capital F. Like prep lovers, your outfit always looks complete, but, like Boho enthusiasts, you add a few off-kilter, incredibly stylish and personal details to your ensemble. As a chic girl, your eye is drawn to blacks, grays, and navy blues, as well as geometric prints and simple designs. You’re also hyper-aware of what works for your body. You’re most likely to try on too many clothes while shopping to make sure you absolutely love every piece in your collection. You work very hard on your look but you know it’s worth it. People might consider your jewelry or your designer heels to be over the top, but you know they’re really just envious. Take a look at District Made Ladies 3/4-Sleeve Tee. It’s deceptively simple, but truly chic. Clean, crisp, and a perfect pairing to make your accessories, pants, and shoes pop.


If you answered mostly (d), then your signature style is Athletic.

AthleticThis sporty style values comfort above all. However, athletic-wear isn’t necessarily baggy, it’s just as body-conscious and feminine as any other style. With your athletic signature style, you’re just as obsessed with shoes as the chic fashionista, only you prefer to look at cross training shoes, running shoes, or sneakers. You’re not afraid of small jewelry pieces with a lot of pop, though you might find it hard to wear earrings that are bigger than a stud. You’re rarely seen in anything other than pants, though a nice tennis skirt or equally loose bottom might pass the athletic test. Your eye is drawn to stripes, lines, and zig zags. You’ve never met a hoodie you didn’t love and right now half your closet is a color coded hoodie bonanza. You’re not afraid of clothes flirty clothes and bright colors bring you joy. The Ladies Game V-Neck Tee is the perfect example of a sporty style. It reminds you of a classic sports uniform, but with a feminine touch and flattering details.


If you have more than one style warring for the top spot, that’s ok. It just means you need double the closet space…just kidding. The more styles you connect to, the easier it is to express your moods and mix and match your favorite pieces. This find your style quiz, and the whole District mentality, is meant to help you discover the most creative part of yourself and show you how to express it. Don’t let your body issues or self confidence concerns stop you from being true to yourself. Confidence is truly the one thing that’ll make any outfit work for you.

Now that you have the final results of our find your style quiz, you can start exploring the staple pieces that will live in your closet forever. Let us at District give you some starting points to help you build your signature wardrobe.