Remarkably Versatile Pieces throughout the Seasons

Remember when you were little and your parents would put away your summer clothes as the brisk chill of fall set in? This may be a practice you still follow, but as we get older, we look for more versatile clothing that we can wear year round. Whether you’re lacking storage space as a college student, or you just started a family and are adjusting to a tighter budget, owning clothing that can be worn throughout all seasons is essential, and at District® Clothing, we have you covered.

We picked two items for the guys, as well as two for the ladies, and created a list of ways that you could wear each article of clothing throughout the year.

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Long Sleeve Thermal

Spring: Jeans + Cap

We know that the chilly air lingers up until summer. Throw on your favorite pair of jeans with our warmest men’s long sleeve shirts and a cap for a sensible spring ensemble!

Summer: Boardshorts + Tank

Instead of throwing a hoodie into your bag in case of a cool summer night at the beach, our thermal is perfect for the job!

Fall: Cargo Pants + Beanie

What better time to throw on one of our men’s long sleeve shirts than football season? They are perfect for wearing under a jersey!

Winter: Hoodie + Vest

We know how important layering is, especially when it’s cold outside! Our long sleeve thermal will keep you insulated, and adding a hoodie, or even a thermal vest on top, will instantly make you winter ready!

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Long Sleeve Washed Woven Shirt

Spring: Cargo Shorts + Boat Shoes

This preppy look is perfect for Easter Sunday or the first boat trip of the season!

Summer: T Shirt + Chino Shorts

Use our washed woven shirt as a light jacket for your yearly patio party.

Fall: Hoodie + Jeans

Our collared men’s long sleeve shirt is a great layering piece and adds a bit of personal style to the classic hoodie and jeans look.

Winter: Pea Coat + Khaki Pants

This is the perfect men’s long sleeve shirt to wear to your chilly winter date night or for holiday festivities with the family!

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Microburn™ Long Sleeve Raglan Tee

Spring: Jean Shorts + Cap

We love the baseball look of this long sleeve shirt, so we think it would be perfect to wear on opening day!

Summer: Boardshorts + Tank

Look like a real surfer with this boardwalk approved style!

Fall: Jeans + Beanie

From football games to apple picking, you can’t go wrong with this classic and sensible fall look.

Winter: Thermal Coat + Scarf

We’re talking a knee-length, faux fur hooded parka here. And who can go wrong with a fashionable scarf? This combination is perfect for a classy night on the town.

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Slub V-Neck Hoodie

Spring: Shorts + Scarf

We love the versatility of this long sleeve shirt and the color makes it a great spring piece!

Summer: Swim Suit + Floppy Hat

This makes for a fun, cute cover-up, whether you’re at the pool or on the beach!

Fall: Vest + Jeans

Can’t you just picture yourself walking among the red and orange-colored trees, your pumpkin spice coffee in hand?

Winter: Fleece Jacket + Yoga Pants

Whether you’re meeting friends for lunch, heading to the gym, or on an errand run, this outfit will keep you warm and comfortable. You never know, maybe you’ll be inspired to actually go to a yoga class!

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