Rep Your Fraternity with Our Versatile Basic Tees

You get a lot of things when you join a fraternity: a group of lifelong friends, experiences that come with being a part of a community, and lots and lots of t-shirts. There are so many events and activities that fraternities are involved in, and over the course of four years, you will undoubtedly have a frat shirts from each one of them.

But with so many t-shirts to design, make, and distribute among your brothers, options may get a little stale after a while. That’s where District® Clothing comes in! We have highlighted a few of the biggest fraternity events that happen over the course of the school year and picked one of our own tees for each one that we think would suit the specific event best! Read on to see how you can pump up the creativity!

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 8.37.43 PMGreek Week

During recruitment, each fraternity is competing against each other to entice new members. However, during Greek Week all fraternities and sororities come together to celebrate the entire Greek community. Greek Week includes events about anything and everything frats are about, spanning all the way from philanthropy to fun.

Your guys will be on display for the entire Greek community, so you’ll want your frat shirts to be unique, just like your members! Opt for the heathered Tri-Blend Crew Neck Tee to have your brothers really stand out.

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 8.38.45 PMHouse Letters

When you think of frat shirts, the image that comes to mind is a basic tee with big Greek letters emblazoned across the chest. It’s your biggest identifier, and whether you are walking to class, attending Greek events, or recruiting new members, you’ll always want your letters to stand out. Our was made to show off in-your-face color and long-lasting logos!


Homecoming is a big event for the entire university, especially in the Greek community. Members that have graduated will be heading back to their alma mater and their fraternities to attend special homecoming events. What better way to reminisce about the past? Homecoming is a time to show school pride, and with the 20 color options available in our Concert Tee™, you are bound to end up with perfect frat shirts, complete with your school colors.

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 8.40.49 PMRecruitment

The most important annual event in the life of a fraternity is recruitment. Without attracting new members, a frat would essentially cease to exist. The core values of each fraternity and what they stand for should be the deciding factor for any new recruits. In order for the next wave to learn more about your brotherhood, you going to have to stand out! Instead of sporting a traditional tee, make your recruitment shirts with our Microburn™ ¾-Sleeve Raglan Tee! This classically collegiate look emits fun and will have new recruits flocking your way!