Simple Ways to Dress Up Casual Wear

So you’re a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. That doesn’t mean you have to stray too far from your comfort zone to create a dressier look! From fitted shirts to classier footwear, we compiled a quick and easy list of ways to dress up your go-to casual wear, whether you’re headed out for a date or preparing for a girls’ night out!

Opt for Heels

By simply changing your footwear, any casual look can instantly be transformed. Switch out those old sneakers for your favorite pair of heels, or go shopping for some new ones! If you have a hard time walking in heels, try a nice pair of boots or flats instead. Either way, slipping on a dressier shoe is all you need to transform your casual outfit into something more.

Wear Clothes that Fit

If your clothes are baggy or ill fitting, your entire appearance can be seen as sloppy. By changing into properly fitted shirts, pants, and other items, you can instantly clean up your look. When it comes to a basic t-shirt, be sure that the neck lays flat and the sleeves sit correctly on your shoulders. Well-fitting pants should not need a belt, but they shouldn’t feel too tight, either. When it comes to the legs, the bottoms of the pants should hit right at the ankle. Try checking some of your clothes out based on these characteristics and see if you need to update your wardrobe.

DT270_Purple_Model_front_052212_480Polish Your Hair and Makeup

We know it’s easy to run out the door in the morning with just a little mascara and a messy ponytail. But by taking an extra five or ten minutes when you’re getting ready to make sure that your makeup is adequate and clean, and that your hair is not only contained but under control, you can make all the difference. A pulled back bun doesn’t take much time or effort, and just a little foundation and lipstick can really dress up your casual look without any other additions!

Add a Structured Jacket

When you’re looking to dress up your casual wear, throw on a structured jacket over a fitted shirt and pair of skinny jeans. Not only will you look put together, but sleek and sophisticated. There are tons of great options out there, from faux leather to pea coats and more, so explore your options!

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 10.44.21 PMGo Black

It’s all in the color, darling! Plain white tees may be a classic, and colors and patterns can be fun to play with, but when it comes to dressing up your casual wear, black is the way to go. Many of District’s® fitted shirts come in black, including the comfortably soft Concert Tee™. Wear with a pair of dark wash jeans and colorful flats for a perfectly put together, casual look!

We hope that we inspired a bit of creativity when it comes to dressing up your casual style. You can never go wrong with the versatility of modern fashion basics from District® Clothing—browse our website today to see how you can freshen up your wardrobe!