Soft Hoodies: The Perfect Mix of Cool and Comfortable

soft hoodies

We all know hoodies are comfortable. What makes them even better is that they combine that comfort with an unparallelled cool. There is no other clothing item quite like a classic hoodie. It’s the most practical, timeless fashion trend that looks great on everyone, dressed up or down.

District® Clothing’s collection of soft hoodies follow the comfort and cool rule to a T. Want to know why we love hoodies so much? Here are four good reasons why you should love them too!

1. You Can Wear Them With Anything

Think soft hoodies are just for lounging and working out? Not so! Hoodies can look cool no matter what you wear them with. We love the look of hoodies with unconventional pairings such as leather jackets and blazers. Rock your hoodie with dark wash designer jeans or sweatpants, sneakers or boots, a t-shirt or collared shirt. The possibilities are truly endless!


2. Easily Transition From Day to Night

If you’re a guy on the run, you may find it difficult to find fashion forward looks that you can wear all day long and into the night. Soft hoodies are the best for such occasions. You can wear them as an outer layer for work and then layer under a jacket or blazer at night. They’re perfect for running errands or checking things off your to-do list and just as great for hanging out with the guys or meeting up for a casual date.

3. Celebrities Wear Them

Seeing photos of stars on red carpets, fashion shows, or just on the street can be frustrating at times. So often, celebs wear high end designer duds making it nearly impossible for the everyday person to copy their looks. However, there is one true fashion equalizer out there — the hoodie of course! It is not uncommon to see celebrities from Kanye West to Chris Hemsworth wearing comfortable, soft hoodies just about everywhere.

Show Off Your Personality

4. Show Off Your Personality

A lot of menswear tends to lack in the personality department. Luckily, soft hoodies come in every color and print imaginable! We love the neons available in our The Concert Fleece™ hoodies, as well as the unique Mini Stripe Full-Zip Hoodie. You can also show your pride for your school or favorite team, or even create your own design. From DIY projects to professional printers, there’s no wrong way to make a hoodie your very own. The hoodie’s mixture of comfort and cool makes it the perfect fashion basic to be a canvas for your own unique style!

Can’t get enough hoodies? District® Clothing has a wide variety of cool and comfortable hoodies that fit in perfectly to any guy’s wardrobe. Click here to browse our entire collection of hoodies!