Soft Tees That Capture Minimalist Fashion Trends

For anyone with a desire to keep things clean and simple, the word minimalist surely sparks your interest. Minimalist fashion takes it back to the essentials. What clothing items do you really need? What do you wear most often? These are the questions you should ask yourself when attempting to create a minimalist closet.

A true minimalist wardrobe consists of only the basics. You must first go through everything in your closet and truly separate the things you need from the things you don’t. Once you’ve weeded through the unnecessaries, the name of the game becomes mix and match. Creating numerous outfits out of only a select number of items may sound daunting, but it also forces you to be creative.

Fashion basics are our forte at District® Clothing, and just about every item in our collection can be a part of your minimalist closet. Soft tees are certainly a must have, and we have a wide variety. We selected five of our juniors t-shirts to help you get started on your minimalist closet:

1X1 Rib Crew Neck Tee
Made of 100% cotton, this crew neck tee is a tried and true classic. The perfect fit and length, this will become one of the essential building blocks of your minimalist style.

women's black crew neck and jeans

Extreme Heather Cap Sleeve V-Neck
This soft and stylish cotton blend tee can be worn in a number of ways. Its dramatic v-neck offers something a little different than the traditional v-neck. Each of the five color options are heathered, also creating a unique look. This tee can be used for work or play and be paired with pants and skirts of all sorts.


60/40 Scoop Tee
Scoop neck soft tees are just as important as v-neck and crew neck tees. Our high quality cotton blend scoop tee also features tacked cuff sleeves making it a unique yet essential addition to your minimalist closet. This style can easily be dressed up or down.

Juniors The Concert Tee™ Long Sleeve V-Neck
A basic long sleeve tee is certainly an essential for your minimalist closet. This tee’s four neutral color options (navy, grey, white, and black) are also perfectly fitted for the minimalist style and go with just about anything. Layer it under hoodies, jackets, or even other soft tees, or wear it solo.

Microburn® Wide Neck Hi-Lo Tee
Minimalist fashion doesn’t have to be boring. You want to have a variety of items to be able to build many different outfits from. Our relaxed fit Hi-Lo Tee features a drop shoulder and back seam making it unique and yet still minimalist friendly.

teen's grey scoop neck t-shirt

Are you ready to dive into the world of minimalist fashion? Use these soft tees as building blocks of your new, simplified style!