Spooky Office-Appropriate Halloween Costumes

If you’re not careful, dressing up for Halloween at work can result in an unhappy boss when you show up in full costume on October 31st. Since many office professionals inevitably discover that most of the costumes found in stores can be too revealing, distracting, or inappropriate for a workplace environment, it can be hard to find office-appropriate Halloween costume ideas.

Here are three of our favorite Halloween costume ideas to ensure that dressing up for Halloween at work is exciting and festive, while remaining workplace appropriate!

An Untimely Demise

This Halloween, bring your favorite TV character to life by channeling them with your costume! Whether you’re going for a by-
the-book cosplay, or you want to re-imagine your character as the undead, this is one of those
office-appropriate Halloween costume ideas that your co-workers will be talking about years later.

You can step into the shoes of one of the most successful and memorable characters from Mad Men to pull off a great Don Draper with a grey fitted suit, a tie, and a pocket square. Emulate his hair and bring his personality to life by keeping an empty whiskey glass on your desk and a novelty cigarette in hand. For an undead version, just add a small amount of costume makeup. Darken the area around your eyes and draw a red line across your throat to show that your character was murdered.

You can also dress up as Joan Harris with a 1960s-inspired dress in a bright color. Red lipstick, a messy updo, and a cigarette will complete your look.

Other characters that are easy and office-friendly include Liz Lemon from 30 Rock, Michael Scott from The Office, and Saul from Better Call Saul. If you need to make your character more distinguishable, you can even wear a name tag.

If you need some formal work shirt options for these costumes, check out our polos or long sleeve collared shirts for men and our polos and blouses for women.

The Office Villain


Dressing up for Halloween at work is a lot easier when makeup and temporary hair dye is acceptable. If you find out that your company openly embraces the holiday spirit, there are countless routes you can take, including one of our all-time favorites: the resident office villain!

Whether you plan to dress up as one of DC’s most popular villains, the Joker, or his go-to girl, Harley Quinn, there are plenty of ways to make their costumes office friendly. Keep your clothing professional, but in the character’s color scheme. You can find red tees for a workplace Harley or black shirts for a DIY Venom. Make sure that your hair color, style, and makeup is in their spirit.

A Witty Combination

If you’re planning on dressing up for Halloween at work and you’re struggling to nail a spooky element, we have the perfect advice: consider the element of surprise! Most costumes that are openly scary require a lot of fake blood or involve a thick rubber mask, but nothing like that is acceptable in a professional environment. Instead of blood and masks, focus on something a little more discreet.

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One of our favorite ideas for an office is an entertaining Men in Black costume. Dress up as a member of the Men in Black with a black suit and tie, a white button down, and pair of black sunglasses—maybe even throw in a shiny silver pen as a Neuralyzer. Under your agent outfit, secretly conceal a t-shirt portraying an alien. While you’re out to lunch, rip open your shirt to reveal the alien!

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