How to Spot High Quality T Shirts and Other Clothing

High Quality T Shirts To the untrained eye, it may be difficult to tell the difference between high quality and low quality apparel items upon first glance. However, a basic knowledge of these items can help you make the right choice when shopping for great t shirts and other apparel.

That’s why District® Clothing put together this quick and easy guide for spotting high quality t shirts and other items. Make sure you check each of these must-haves off your list!


The type of material used to make any piece of clothing can often be the most important attribute. 100% cotton is a great starting off point. Cotton blends are a quality choice as well. If you’re able to look at the item up close, be sure to really inspect the fabric and how it feels. A quick inspection can come up with true results even if you’re not an expert. Durable materials are easy to tell apart from lower quality fabrics.

High Quality T Shirts Stitching

Good stitching is an easy way to tell if a piece of clothing is of value. Take a look at the stitching on the entire item to see if there are any loose threads, snags, unraveling, or other weak points. Feel free to work the fabric a bit to see if the seams stay true. If everything looks complete and there are no signs of imperfections, you have yourself a high quality t shirt!


Color is very important, especially if you are looking for a specific hue for a particular reason, such as school teams, uniforms, or company colors. Bright, vibrant colors are a good sign of a quality item, but it’s not necessarily the only way. Even some high quality t shirts and other items are meant to look faded, heathered, or vintage. Be sure to know the style you want and look for any indication in the online description or on the tag that speaks to the color. Some pieces may even have been made to look different and fade over time.


High Quality T Shirts Comfort is key especially when it comes to fashion basics! Life is too short for wearing uncomfortable clothes. If your item is made of quality fabrics, it should feel soft to the touch. Itchy fabrics and stiffness have no place in casual style and should be avoided at all costs when looking for quality apparel.

District® Clothing prides itself in offering only high quality t shirts, sweatshirts, tanks, and more. Each of our items features a specific description that offer insight into exactly what buyers will be getting.