Spruce Up Your Blank Tees with Fun Accessories

At District® Clothing, we love our extensive collection of plain t shirts and we believe that by providing fashion basics, we’re leaving the door open for you to create your own unique look and style that reflects your personality! Our blank tees come in a wide variety of colors, fabrics, and styles and are the perfect jumping off point for any great outfit.

teen's purple scarfThe quickest and simplest way to spruce up your favorite plain tee is with accessories. From jewelry to handbags, scarves, and belts, these fun additions can really add some style to the most casual of outfits. Check out some of our favorite fun accessories to add to your blank t shirt:

Cross Body Purse

Accessories are more than just jewelry and headwear. Your purse can make a major fashion statement, especially when it comes to cross body bags. If you’re looking to brighten up your blank tees, opt for a purse in a bright color or pattern. A chain strap can add a jewelry-like aspect to your look as well!

Thin Waist Belt

Probably the easiest way to add flair to any outfit is with a belt. There are so many great options available, you are sure to find one that fits your style and personality! Try adding a thin waist belt in a fun color to your blank tee.

Jacket or Vest

By definition, a fashion accessory is worn as a secondary contribution to an outfit. If you’re going by this explanation, any type of jacket, vest, or even some cardigans can be considered an accessory! Add structure to blank tees with a blazer or leather jacket, or go for whimsey with a vintage tuxedo or sweater vest.


Scarves are no longer reserved for the cold! Made with various lighter fabrics, scarves are year round accessories that can really amp up the style, even with the most casual of outfits. Try playing with colors, prints, and different ways to tie your scarf for a fresh new look! The possibilities are virtually endless and you will have so much fun collecting, mixing, and matching.


Hear us out on this one. Often thought as a menswear item or something worn by 1920s gangsters, suspenders are the latest cool girl accessory to be seen in mainstream fashion. Instantly transform a blank tee and jeans into a trendy look worthy of any top fashion blogger. Really go all out and create a cool vintage look with oxford shoes, dress pants, and a Cabby Hat!