Style Your Nails

It’s not enough to paint your nails just any old color these days. Just like other forms of fashion and beauty, nail color and design go through trends of their own. The great part about trendy nail designs is that they don’t require the kind of commitment that other trends do. Switching up your nails only takes minutes! Check out the latest nail trends inspired by some very cute tank tops and tees from District® Clothing!

Duo Tone
With so many great online sources nowadays, nail art tips and tricks are no longer reserved for the professionals. Did you ever try to design a pattern on your nails only to have a sloppy, uneven mess of a mani? We certainly have! But now we’re sharing tips using household props, so you can create clean, straight lines for your mani no matter how small the design!
Here’s how to create the perfect duo tone design inspired by our Juniors Tri-Blend Pieced Crewneck Tee:

  • Choose your two nail colors. Paint the entire nail with one color and let it dry completely.
  • Place a piece of regular, clear tape over the nail leaving a portion exposed. Paint the entire nail with second color, carefully pull off the tape, and voila! you have a perfect two-toned manicure!

Thin or thick, horizontal or vertical, stripes are showing up on manicures everywhere. Just like in the Duo Tone example, using tape, stickers, and other props can be essential when creating nail art. By using strips of tape, you can make any kind of striped design you please. Two cute tank tops can be used for inspiration on this one, namely, the Mini Stripe Gathered Racerback Tank or the Reverse Striped Scrunched Back Tank.

The ombre trend has maintained its presence in both fashion and beauty. It started with dark to light hair and continued into gradated colors on cute tank tops, tees, makeup, and beyond. District’s® take on ombre is our Dip Dye Rounded Deep V-Neck Tee. It comes in four color options that would look great on your nails!
There are a couple of options to extend the ombre trend to the tips of your fingers:

  • Paint each nail on your hand with a different shade of the same color. Start with a very light (or even white) shade on your pinkie and make each nail a shade darker leaving your thumb with the darkest color (or even black)!
  • Paint each nail with a gradient. Start with a white base coat and let it dry completely. Then, paint a gradation using two or three colors (you can leave the white base coat as the lightest color or not) onto a triangle makeup sponge. Press the painted sponge firmly onto the nail and repeat these steps on each nail. Finally, clean the edges and finish with a top coat!

Sometimes, you just want to keep it simple. Maybe you don’t have time to create intricate designs on your nails or you just like a classic, monochrome manicure. Pastels are a huge trend right now, so try using a light and bright pastel color (like the pink version of one of our cutest tank tops, the Cotton Swing Tank) for your mani!