Summer Fashion Trends: The Soft T-Shirt & More

soft t-shirtLooking to amp up your closet this summer? We put together some of our favorite new summer trends to help you keep on top of your fashion game. From soft t-shirts to sun hats, check out what District® fashion basics can be worked into these looks!

Ethereal Neutrals

Light. Airy. Delicate. Soft. If you like the sound of these words, this trend is for you. Bright colors are always a safe bet for summer, but this year light neutrals are another option. Tans, whites, creams, and yellows can be found in items from boho dresses to peasant tops. Easily achieve this look by pairing a soft t-shirt with a white cotton maxi skirt and flat brown sandals.


Once reserved for welcome signs and Hawaiian shirts only Jimmy Buffett would approve of, pineapples have run rampant in the world of fashion this season, and we love it! You can find these tropical fruits on everything from tops to dresses, accessories and even pants! Add a little pineapple-y fun to your summer wardrobe with subtle accents or all-over prints.

muscle teeStatement Shorts

Of course a simple pair of jeans shorts will always be a summer favorite, but this year’s trend is to take your shorts to the next level. From tribal prints to florals, varying waist heights, shapes, and fabrics, you can really have some fun with your shorts this summer. Pair them with anything, from a flowy strappy top to a casual soft t-shirt from District® Clothing!

Summer of ‘95

20 years seems to be about how long it takes for styles to come back around. Everywhere you look, trends from the 1990s are find their way back into today’s mainstream fashions. We say pull out the Tamagotchi, play some Spice Girls, and embrace the return of the good ol’ days! Add a little 90s flavor to your summer wardrobe with platform sandals, crop tops, overalls, bold florals, plaid, and more!

Brimming Hats

Hats are always in style, but never are they more essential than summer. Taking care of your skin is important when you spend a lot of time in the sun, and a hat can help protect your face and shoulders. Straw fedoras were all the rage a few years back, but now the brims have become even wider, offering fuller coverage. Try our Floppy Sun Hat this year for all your outdoor summertime activities!

Take your summer wardrobe to the next level with these fun new summer fashion trends! Use District® Clothing’s collection of high quality fashion basics, from soft t-shirts to flirty tanks, to create unique looks that all all your own this season.