Summer Party Ideas

Looking to create a memorable (and Instagram-able) experience for your guests at your next party? We’ve gathered some of the best summertime party ideas from the crafty users at Pinterest and

1. Watermelon Punch Bowl
A hollowed out watermelon can become a great rustic serving bowl with just a few steps!
Cut top third off watermelon; trim bottom just enough to make a flat surface. Scoop out flesh.
Working in batches, puree watermelon in a food processor. Strain through a fine sieve; discard solids. (You should have about 9 cups juice.) Cover rind with plastic wrap. Refrigerate juice and rind until chilled, about 1 hour. Combine juice with seltzer; transfer to rind.


2. Create your own “drive-in” movie screen
When the summer sun gets too intense, invite friends to join you for an after-dark movie night. Hook up a projector to your laptop computer, then display a favorite summer flick on a screen or empty wall.


3. Colorful Table Banners
Turn up the fun at your next summer soirée by hanging this paper flag garland across the porch ceiling or tying it to two stakes in the ground. Simply download and print the flag templates onto colorful card stock, cut out, then connect each one with brads.


4. Get Glowing
These chic DIY decorations are the perfect touch to hosting an outdoor summer bash that continues on into the night. Simply take empty mason jars that have been cleaned out, take some glow sticks, cut them and empty them into the jar, and glitter for some sparkle, and voila! Instant party lighting!


5. Go For The Gift Wrap
Add a pop of pattern to your tables by spreading a strip of wrapping paper down the middle as a runner. It’s super easy and you won’t care if your guests spill on it!

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