T Shirt Design 101

Some occasions just call for a custom t shirt. Sure, you can find some pretty specific tees online these days, but odds are the quality will not match that of the fabulous t shirt varieties available at District® Clothing. Not only that, but creating your own t shirt adds a personal touch and originality, and ensures that you will get exactly what you want! Check out a few t shirt design ideas we came up with for some of the most t shirt worthy groups and occasions.

Wedding Party

Whether you are personalizing pink hoodies for your bridesmaids to wear while they get ready on the big day, or funny t shirts for the guys to wear later at the reception, being a part of a wedding party usually involves some kind of memorable favor. Instead of buying some knick knack they will likely never use, make a fun, custom designed tee, sweatshirt, or accessory that they can wear for years to come! Go basic with the bride and groom’s name, the date, and location, or get creative with images, designs, or quotes.

Sports Team

Maybe your cousin’s little league team needs some help in the uniform department, or you’re designing team tees for your own rec league team. Either way, creating a stand out t shirt design for a sports team takes more than you think it would. Visible numbers on the front and/or back are usually necessary. Don’t repeat numbers, and keep in mind any players that have a favorite! Find an eye-catching but readable font for the team name, something that reflects what your team is all about. And if you are adding player names to the back, be sure these are the right size: big enough to read, but small enough so even longer names will fit!

Band Merch

If you are a brand new, up and coming artist or band, and you are serious about getting your name out there, selling designed t shirts and other merchandise at your shows is a great way to do that and make some extra cash. This is also where you can really get creative, or at least enlist someone to get creative for you! Create a logo, or at least a vision of how you want your band or name to be portrayed, for any merch and CDs you sell. Be sure you go through enough trial and error before deciding on your look and logo, because your t shirt design it will be associated with you for (hopefully) a long time to come!