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5 Wardrobe Must Haves for the Spring

You woke up the morning of the vernal equinox (it’s a thing) and you’re proud of yourself for surviving the winter. It’s now spring: flowers are blooming, animals are waking up from a long hibernation, and we stylish types start shedding our winter coats. Now we just need some fashion inspiration to march into spring with confidence and verve. The team here at District understands which spring wardrobe essentials will get you out of your shell this season.

While reading, keep in mind the District mentality when it comes to fashion. We believe clothes should be freeing, effortless, and vibrant. We love merging trends with what we consider to be staple pieces like skinny jeans and hoodies. Now that you know a little about our carefree beliefs on style, here are our 5, must-have, spring wardrobe essentials:

1. A Lightweight Hoodie

Lightweight hoodiesSounds silly to say, but spring’s not summer and that means it’s the perfect time to buy a new hoodie, especially if you wore yours non-stop during the winter. Now that the days will finally be warm you can wear tank tops and t-shirts, but because the nights will still be chilly, you’ll need to have a long sleeve on hand. Hoodies are great because they let you add easy, light layers. This makes them true spring wardrobe essentials. This Lightweight Jersey Full-Zip Hoodie, for example, makes it cool to stay warm.

Available in white, black, dark heather grey, and dark fuchsia heather, this hoodie gives you plenty of options for how to easily bundle up for a chilly evening. We’re partial to the fuchsia pictured here because we believe spring wardrobe essentials should have a little color. If fuchsia or pink aren’t your style, you can rock a white hoodie, which has a neutral tone, but adds plenty of brightness to an ensemble.

Little details like dyed-to-match drawstrings and cute pockets make this hoodie more than a basic jacket. Best of all, it’s light enough to keep in a bag or purse for when you need it most. This jersey, full-zip hoodie also makes a great jogging or post workout look. Spring is the time to start getting active. Consider the black or dark grey options as best bets for working out.

2. A Loose Tank Top

A loose tank topYou’ve got your hoodie for night time—check. Now you need something to wear underneath. Consider a loose-fitting tank top. It’s very versatile, can be worn above or below clothes, and helps you escape your winter funk by exposing your skin to the sun. Nothing makes you feel better than a strong dose of vitamin D.

Nice, solid tank tops will always be spring wardrobe essentials. They’re comfortable, yet fashionable and form-flattering for most body types.

Our Juniors Festival Tank stands out amongst spring wardrobe essentials for their inspired colors (mint, true violet, deep royal, dark fuchsia) and basics (black, white, charcoal). Made of cotton with a tear-away tag, this relaxed fit tank is as incredibly comfortable to wear as it looks.

As the V.I.T. Festival Tank’s name implies, spring also brings us outdoor concerts. A tank top lets you stay cool and mobile when surrounded by hundreds of inebriated music fans. Plus, the longer length and scalloped hem adds a subtle feminine touch, difficult to find when it comes to great casual wear and athleisure.

3. A Raglan Tee

A raglan teeSometimes classics are the most important spring wardrobe essentials. Whether it reminds you of your days playing JV sports, buying your favorite band’s merch, or the most flattering boyfriend tee around, a comfortable raglan tee reminds us of the smell of grass and the feel of wind flowing through our hair.

Our twist on this style is the relaxed fit Microburn Long Sleeve Raglan Tee. A tiny keyhole in the back makes this tee a feminine piece, showing a hint of skin and making the cotton microburn material feel even cooler. It’s comfortable and flattering due to the unique raglan cut. We make sure the sleeves hang off your arms and get tighter near the wrist for a slim, complimentary look.

Not to bore you by telling you once again how much we LOVE color, but even the top fashionistas among us tend to forget that spring is about color. Let go of the dreary drabness of winter and remember that bright colors are a key part of spring wardrobe essentials. We’ve got seven stunning color combinations that bring a dazzling touch to your closet and help you brighten your basics. We love the bold orange and black pictured above. Orange is one of this season’s hottest colors and it’s nice to wear it without immediately thinking of Halloween.

4. A Worn-In Tee

The epitome of casual style is rocking a comfortable, nearly worn down to the threads t-shirt that looks like it’s been in your closet since middle school. Think of a starlet wearing a faded, soft, thin-fabric t-shirt under a leather jacket if you’re not sure what we mean. If you don’t have a supply of worn-in, nearly worn out t-shirts, then pick up something slightly distressed and add it to your spring wardrobe essentials.

A worn-in teeFrom the District collection, we recommend our Ladies Game V-Neck Tee. A crossover v-neck with distressed printed stripes on the sleeves reminds us of fashion eras past without looking outdated. Avoiding an old fashioned look is easy—especially with our favorite heathered true royal and charcoal color combination. We use clean lines and color blocking to add vibrancy and modernity to a vintage look.

Perhaps the best part of this v-neck is how comfortable it makes most women feel. A just deep-enough v-neck and a loose, short sleeve are pretty universally complementary to any woman’s body type. The confidence and ease that comes from a comfortable, worn-in t-shirt lets us District citizens live in the moment and interact with the world with self-confidence.

5. A Form-Fitting Tank Top

A form fitting tank topLast but not least, your spring wardrobe essentials will need a little help from their friends. What we mean is that a form-fitting tank top can support your other essentials. Having these tanks on hand, in many colors and styles, lets you make creative new combinations through layering.

Take this District Ladies Mini Rib Racerback Tank in classic red. It’s a perfect pair with a V.I.T. Festival Tank in black, letting a hint of color peek through the laid-back look and exaggerated open sleeves. Put it on underneath a cardigan to dress it up or wear it underneath a pullover hoodie in case you get too hot. We know for a fact that you’ll be using this comfortable, form-fitting tank top a lot this spring.

The Mini Rib style also features one of our favorite designs: a racerback. We can’t recommend it enough as part of your spring wardrobe essentials. If you hate the look of a visible bra or if you’re not always confident showing your upper back, a racerback tank provides the coverage you’re looking for. Upper back coverage provides confidence when you wear this as your main piece and comfort as a layer beneath a loose shirt. Even better, it’s made of cotton, always be soft and gentle on your skin.

What Else?

These five items should give you a strong head start moving into the spring. You probably have what you need to complement these spring wardrobe essentials, but we’ll give you some more suggestions just in case. Add a pair of skinny jeans, a light down or jean vest, and a hat that you absolutely adore to extend the life of your spring essentials and give you new and original ways to wear each item. A classic pair of simple sunglasses, a busy black and white patterned short, and a bright, geometric necklace can also be added to your wardrobe for when you want something that pops. Mix and match these with our athleisure shirts and tops for a never ending array of spring outfits.

If you’re looking for trends in head wear, you can look forward to an interesting year. Accessories that we at District love, include fashion forward visors and a fresh take on the classic baseball cap. The Pantone color of the year, soft Rose Quartz and cool Serenity, are perfect spring colors to add to your wardrobe as well.

District wants you to keep it vibrant and bold this spring. Make our pieces yours by infusing them with your sense of style. We don’t always believe that an outfit needs a busy print or logo to be fashionable. In the District clothing store, we love offering bright clothes so you can have fun with fashion. No matter your choice, your spring wardrobe essentials from District are made with high quality materials designed to last all year and stay boldly colorful for many seasons.

Mix and Match

Mens Striped Crewneck Tee

Some of us have that one item in our closet we’re always ready to pull out, no matter the occasion. It’s comfortable, flattering, and appropriate for casual and formal functions. For women, it might be a favorite LBD, while for men, t-shirts often fill this role. If you’re one of these people, you’ll start to notice it with every photo you’re tagged in, and your whole social life will start looking like one long night. If you wear the same outfit all the time, your look can start to feel uninspired as well. When you find yourself bored with your outfits, it’s time to learn how to mix and match.

Mens Maroon Tshirt

Learn to Mix and Match

If you know how to mix and match well, you can create an endless variety of looks using the same key pieces in different combinations. This technique allows you to avoid wardrobe woes, while still letting you frequently reuse the wardrobe go-tos that you depend upon most often. The trick is learning how to make different pieces in your wardrobe work together. For women, this means playing with neutral and bold pieces to create different eye-catching combinations. For men, t-shirts can go from grunge to glam by creatively combining colors, textures, and styles.

Whether your style is timeless or trendy, you can give your look an instant makeover by learning to mix and match your clothes in unexpected and exciting new ways. For women and men, t-shirts and other high-quality basics from District are a must when it comes to tapping into your closet’s full potential.

Color Wheel Palette

Choosing Colors

The first thing you need to consider when learning to mix and match is how to use color. There are a number of different strategies for pairing various wardrobe items based on their respective colors, all of which are based on the natural progression of color:

  • Monochromatic: A monochromatic color scheme uses different shades of the same color. Blend light and dark versions of the same hue to draw attention in different directions.
  • Complementary: Opposite colors are considered complementary. The bold visual contrast between opposing colors makes them stand out more, enhancing the qualities that make each beautiful. Consider how red pairs with green or how blue looks with orange.
  • Analogous: Color families that contain similarly warm or cool colors, but are different shades—like red, orange, and yellow, or purple, blue, and teal—flow together naturally.
  • Split Complementary: A split complementary palette uses two colors that are analogous with a splash of one opposing complementary color, creating an unexpected and unique mix of colors. Think of the eye-popping combination of red, orange, and blue.

The color wheel is a great resource for figuring out which colors are complementary. Each color’s complementary shade is placed directly across on the wheel, while its analogous shades are on either side of it. For women and men, t-shirts in a variety of different neutral and bright hues are needed to ensure that you always have the right color for the different monochromatic or complementary looks you desire.

Fashion Model Tshirt

Key Types of Pieces

For both women and men, t-shirts are just the beginning when it comes to effectively mixing and matching your wardrobe. As you practice your matching skills, stay aware of the three key types of pieces involved in any outfit: base, accent, and pop pieces.

Base Pieces

Base pieces are the foundation upon which to build your outfit. A base piece might be a suit, a simple dress, or a basic top. For women and men, t-shirts are an ideal base piece. They tend to be a solid color—often a neutral hue—although you can certainly create a base with more vibrant colors as well. Base pieces are usually timeless classics as opposed to trendy pieces.

Accent Pieces

Accent pieces tend to be colored or patterned articles of clothing that add interesting shapes and silhouettes to simple base pieces. Blouses, cardigans, and jackets are the most common accent pieces. Unlike base pieces, you’re more likely to want to swap out your accent pieces as seasons and trends change.

Pop Pieces

Pop pieces, as the name suggests, add a “pop” of visual intrigue to an outfit, helping put the finishing touches on your ensemble. Pop pieces tend to be accessories, such as shoes, scarves, jewelry, and belts. These pieces can come in intriguing colors or more neutral shades. What’s most important though, is that they ultimately add polish to your outfit. Gold and silver are great colors for pop pieces because they match nearly everything.

To create as many different looks as possible with the fewest pieces, you’ll want your closet to contain a mixture of base, accent, and “pop” pieces. For women and men, t-shirts are an absolute essential, as are quality blazers and sweaters, comfortable sweatshirts, and shoes in neutral colors.

New Ways to Mix Up Basics

It’s also important to think about different ways to use your favorite pieces. For both women and men, t-shirts are some of the most flexible items in your closet, but there are lots of ways to creatively style other pieces as well. Here are a few imaginative tips for livening up your look.

Mens Royal Blue Tee

Tip #1: Mix Prints by Adding Basics

One of the most daring ways to mix and match is to throw together outfits that feature more than one print. Wearing a basic top—for men, t-shirts or tanks are a great choice—allows you to mix the prints of your pants and jacket, creating a truly bold look. Your look works better with a neutral piece because it’s easier to mix prints if they’re separated by a solid color.

Prints also work better together if the colors work alongside each other, so don’t forget the tips and tricks for matching and complementing colors! Keep in mind that simpler prints are easier to mix and match than complicated ones. If you’ve got an elaborate graphic you want to flaunt, make sure the other print is relatively basic, like stripes or polka dots.

Womens Raglan Tee

Tip #2: Wear It to the Gym (or Don’t)

Even if you’re not headed to the gym, athletic wear is comfortable and fun. The “athleisure” look has become more popular in recent years, and has a variety of appropriate occasions, from work to a night on the town. Wearing an athletic top with nice boots and a blazer elevates it and creates a work-friendly outfit. With black leggings, boots, and jewelry, a simple raglan long sleeve looks chic enough to wear on a girls’ night out. For men, t-shirts help you look the part at the gym, but they can also be dressed up with dark jeans and a sports coat for a night on the town.

The effortless style of the athleisure look has become the benchmark for casual everyday wear. Of course, you’ll get bonus points if you actually end up doing some cardio or weights—District clothes are designed to be comfortable and work-out friendly.

Womens Washed Chambray Shirt

Tip #3: Play Hide and Seek

One of the best ways to get a variety of looks out of a single piece is to play with layering. You can take your favorite basic top and layer it under or over a wide variety of other clothing items. For women and men, t-shirts or tanks that are brightly colored, for instance, look great under a cutout top or loose knit sweatshirt. You can also try a slim button-down, with a washed woven texture, under a chunky cropped sweater. Try wearing a loose tank over a brightly colored sports bra for a cheeky daytime look, or over a turtleneck for a retro vibe that’s perfect for a casual day at the office. Alternatively, wearing a casual sweatshirt or button-down over a more formal dress or slip brings down a formal look for everyday wearability.

Womens Purple Scarf

To keep a layered look flattering rather than bulky, make sure to wear tighter-fitting layers and use a variety of different fabrics and textures to keep the entire outfit from looking heavy. For men, t-shirts make great base layers under coats, sweaters, and cardigans. Of course, you can also always finish any layered look with the ultimate layering accessory—a scarf. For women and men, plain t-shirts, tanks, and other basic apparel will instantly look dressier once you throw a polished scarf over them.

Tip #4: Get All Over with Overalls

Overalls have been making a fashion comeback lately and the trend is a great way to put a creative spin on your layering basics. A long-sleeved raglan under overalls makes a classic, casual look, but don’t be afraid to get original with this classic. An option for making any overall outfit more elegant, is adding jewelry and heels. You may also choose to match your favorite overalls with boots and a blazer for a work-appropriate look. You can find overalls in a variety of bold colors and cuts, including trendy neons, and overalls that are styled like shorts and dresses.

Tip #5: Add A Skirt

Our favorite casual outfits often feature jeans, shorts, or leggings, but if you take the same top you’d wear with pants and pair it with a skirt, you’ve got a whole new look. The same top can go with a variety of skirt styles to create a number of different looks. A top that looks ultra-classy and professional when paired with a pencil skirt may give off a bohemian vibe if you wear it over a flowing maxi skirt. You can even dress up by wearing a vintage A-line skirt, or dress down with a denim mini. If you’re a fan of bold style, try pairing a neutral t-shirt with a skirt featuring a wild pattern.

Whatever the go-to item in your wardrobe, spicing up an old favorite can be a breeze if you follow these tips. If your article of choice is a basic piece, it’s easy to mix it up by combining it with bright, bold colors, prints, and accessories. If your favorite clothing item is more of a “pop” or accent piece, District is the perfect place to find versatile basics that allow you to integrate the piece into more outfits. In general, if you’re interested in sprucing up your wardrobe with mix and match styles for women and men, t-shirts and other basics from District are just what your closet needs. Shop District today to start shaking up your look!