Tank Tops: The New Fall Essential

Tank TopYou’re a guy who loves sporting a stylish men’s tank top. Unfortunately, unlike jeans and t shirts, tank tops are usually reserved for the summer months. Every fall, there usually comes a day when you realize it’s time to cover up those arms. However, even though cooler temps are around the corner, this doesn’t mean you have to completely ditch your tanks. Through the magic of layering, your tank can be instantly transformed into an autumn essential.

As you prepare your wardrobe for the new season, check out these fall-friendly outfits, featuring our Cotton Ringer tank top!

Washed Woven Shirt + Cargos + Slip-ons

Tanks look great on their own, but they make perfect undershirts, as well! Layer our solid, neutral Cotton Ringer men’s tank top underneath the collared Long Sleeve Washed Woven Shirt for a nice, put-together look for the weekend. Depending on the weather, you could opt for cargo shorts or a pair of khakis and comfortable slip-on shoes.

Cardigan + Dark wash jeans + Beanie

Just like our basic tees, our tank tops designed for men can go with just about any style and outfit. Work your tank into this trendy fall outfit by layering our men’s Cardigan Sweater on top, and complete the look with a fitted pair of dark wash jeans and our ultra cool Slouch Beanie. This is a great outfit that really lets you experiment with different color combinations. Pair one of the 10 beanie and tank top color options with the neutral black, navy, and grey cardigan shades.

Hoodie + Sweatpants + Sneakers

Whether you’re hanging around your college campus or staying in and binging on your favorite show, you can easily work our men’s tank top into a casual lounging outfit! Throw on your favorite District® hoodie, sweatpants, and sneakers (if you’re going out and about) to keep it chill and still rock your tank!

Denim jacket + Black pants + Oxford shoes

Jean jackets have made a major comeback over the past year, and will definitely be prevalent this fall. This outfit gives off a trendy vibe that can either be laid-back or more refined, depending on whether you choose to add black pants or jeans. Laced oxfords add the perfect finishing touch to this fall-friendly ensemble. Try this out for a casual date night, or even an afternoon with friends!

Workout shorts + Cap + Running shoes

Our tank tops can be worn as a stylish fashion piece, or as a workout essential! No matter what time of year it is, you know you’ll be working up a sweat while you’re at the gym. Try our Cotton Ringer men’s tank top in one of the fitness-friendly neon color options. Complement this sporty look with your favorite gym shorts, shoes, and a District® cap! If it’s too cold outside during the walk from your car to the gym, throw on a District® hoodie and a pair of nylon pants to stay warm.

From tank tops and tees to casual hoodies, we carry a wide variety of trendy clothing for men. Check out our online store today to view our entire collection of fun fall fashions.