What Tee Should You Wear?

You can’t go wrong with a classic tee, and at District® we have plenty to choose from. So many in fact, that it can be hard to decide which one will work with what you’re doing! Fear not, we broke down some super fun activities and events that require some commitment when it comes to your clothes. See what the best t shirts are for these all daytime activities:

Obstacle Course Race

These intense races have become extremely popular in recent years. They involve not only running, but also a collection of obstacles that may include swimming, wall jumping, barbed wire crawling, and more. All of which are often performed in less than desirable environments (let’s just say copious amounts of mud are to be expected). For an event like this, you will need a reliable t shirt that will get you through the course and allow you to move freely. Our Very Important Tee® is made with fine yarns and exceptional craftsmanship that will help you accomplish something you never thought you could!

All-Day Shopping Trip

Not as exhausting as a muddy obstacle course, but just as necessary to wear the best t shirt for! Sometimes, a shopping trip is when we want to look trendy and stylish, perhaps in the hopes of finding some great items along the way. Whether you’re hitting up local boutiques, planning an outlet marathon, or shopping for a specific event, season, or trip at the mall, you’ll want to feel good and look good! District’s® Tri-Blend tees come in a variety of fashion-forward styles for men, including the Pocket Tee, and Short Sleeve Henley Tee, and for ladies, the Scoop Tee and Lace Tee.

Music Festival

You thought we were going to pick our Concert Tee™ didn’t you? True, the value soft spun Concert Tee™ is stylish and versatile enough for your average show. But music festivals nowadays are not only about the music, they’re also about the fashion. Each one has it’s own vibe, from bohemian at Coachella to punk rock at Warped Tour. The best t shirts for any festival will go with anything and everything. Our Sublimate Tee® is just a plain white tee ready to be transformed into whatever you want it to be! Try a DIY project, or just add on other fashion faves to create your own look!

Local Food Tasting

These events are perfect for everyone that has always had a new restaurant they’ve wanted to try on their list. If you’re a foodie, or just like trying new things, a local food tasting is the place for you. Oftentimes you’ll find other vendors, farmers markets, and happenings (like live music) at these all-day events. You’ll want to wear something light and comfortable,with perhaps just a little give– just in case you need it! District’s® Microburn™ tees, one of our best t shirts, have a weightless look and feel, are comfortably thin, and come in so many styles, there is bound to be one you’ll love!