The Holidays Done Right

It’s almost like to celebrate Festivus, Chanukah, Christmas and New Year’s Eve with our families. Make sure that you’re prepared!

Between long flights to see family and epic holiday feasts, it all boils down to comfort. When celebrating, forget about those fitted jeans and focus on feeling your best. You’re around family after all. They care less about what you wear and more that you’re there. So, what’s better than your favorite pair of sweats?

If you’re still guessing, the correct response is “nothing.” Enter the District Core Fleece Pant. These pants are sure to take care of your holiday and travel woes. Made from a 60/40 cotton/polyester fleece blend, these pants are plenty toasty—especially on a long flight home. Should you choose to wear them to a holiday meal, feel free to eat your fair share. An elastic waistband and elastic cuffs guarantee that these pants will adapt to any gains made at the dinner table.

Regardless, take time to enjoy it with those who matter most to you. Happy Holidays from the District family!