Thermals for Him & Her

As the weather outside gets chilly, we love to layer up with our favorite Long Sleeve Thermal. By popular demand, this stylish and cozy basic is now here for the ladies, too. Whether you live in a place where winter is just a minor hassle or have to deal with the full on polar vortex on a regular basis, a good men’s or women’s long sleeve thermal is an essential part of every person’s winter wardrobe. The best thing about a good thermal is that there are a million ways to wear it. We’re happy to share some of our favorite styling ideas for these versatile shirts with you.

Lots of Layers
The great thing about a thermal is that it slips underneath almost anything effortlessly, adding dimension to your outfits. One of our favorite winter looks is sliding a thermal in whatever color suits your mood under our cardigan or favorite plaid shirt. This warm, polished ensemble allows the thermal to peek out while presenting a professional look. Another great layering idea is to pair your favorite women’s long sleeve thermal with an on-trend faux fur vest for an edgy, casual style that’s great for the weekend.

Outdoor Excitement
Just because it’s cold out doesn’t mean you have to stay indoors, and every winter is better when you can recapture some of that childhood spirit that made the cold months something to look forward to. Underneath your favorite coat or puffy vest, a long sleeve thermal provides optimal warmth for all your favorite outdoor activities. Whether you’re taking a hike, tossing a football, or building a snowman, thermals make it easy to enjoy the winter wonderland all around you without catching a chill. Bring on the snow days!

Keep It Simple
If you’re lucky enough to live in a place where winter doesn’t get too cold—or if you’re just looking for a great casual outfit for a beautiful fall day—the flattering lines of our women’s long sleeve thermal look great simply styled with your favorite jeans and a fall accessory. A drapey infinity scarf or a cute hat will take your thermal from comfortable to casual chic. For men, a long sleeve thermal with classic jeans and a scarf creates a simple but cosmopolitan fall look.

Bundle Up
While we love the way they look, our men’s and women’s long sleeve thermal shirts are great for extra warmth underneath other outfits when it gets cold outside. The slim fit makes them perfect for wearing under your warmest cashmere sweaters, fleece hoodies, and all the other essentials you need for those two- and three-shirt days in the coldest months of the year, adding warmth while disappearing under your thicker top layer.

At District®, we specialize in comfortable basics for every season. From the dead of winter to the heat of summer our thermals, tees, and tanks will keep you temperature controlled all year round. Shop District® today for wardrobe essentials in every color!