At District®, we love to share every aspect of our passion for creativity with our loyal customers. That’s why it’s so fun to provide you with behind the scenes peeks into our process whenever we can. There’s a lot more that goes into creating and selling great clothes than you’ve probably thought of before. Today, we’re giving you the inside scoop on fashion set design. We caught up with our 2014 Catalog Set Designer, Todd Davis, to learn all about his design background and what keeps him creative.

Todd Davis Interview

Becoming a Set Designer

Todd shared with us that set design was a career that he came to almost by accident: when an artist he was working with started doing design for music videos. Working on set design for music videos and commercials gave him the experience he needed, and from there he started working in fashion set design. Eventually, he came to us at District®. Todd’s story inspires us because it’s all about seeing where life leads you and being willing to go along for the adventure. This open spirit is a great example of the attitude that District® brings to our versatile clothing designs, which are always ready to keep you comfortable as you embark on life’s next journey.

All About Inspiration


One of the things that makes Todd’s fashion set design work perfect for District® is that he really focuses his work on being in the moment. Instead of pursuing a specific aesthetic or doing research, Todd’s process focuses on improvisation and making the most of the materials in front of him. He loves working with unexpected materials in unexpected ways, often using surprising things in the moment to create handmade looks. Todd explains that he sees inspiration everywhere, and finding it is just about being open in the right moment. Like Todd’s designs, District® clothes are all about living in the moment, being comfortable, and being able to improvise with flexible, versatile style.

Setting the Scene

Todd’s set design work perfectly complements our clean, minimalist style with its eye-catching mixture of textures, bright colors, and intriguing geometric shapes. We love Todd’s fashion set design work because it captures the spirit of District®, which is incredibly important when you’re trying to showcase your brand to the world. Every part of our process is important to showing you what District® is all about, which is why we can’t wait to show you the final catalog, where Todd’s bold and versatile style meets ours.

For more on Todd’s process of fashion set design, be sure to watch the whole video! Working with him and his team was a blast, and we are excited to share the finished product…stay tuned! In the meantime, check out District’s online store for the comfortable, versatile basics you know and love. We hope you’re as inspired to live in the moment with District® as we were when we first got the chance to see Todd’s vision in action.