Trend Alert: Leather’s Back (in a Good way)

leather jeans

Sure, the word “leather” may conjure up some less-than-attractive images: hulking biker guys, 80’s glam, Danny Zuko…

But it’s probably time you shed those images, because leather is BACK in a fresh new way. Gone are the bulky, square shouldered jackets and stiff, skin tight numbers. Today’s leather is cute, comfy and casual with leather looks for every style.  

Looking for a few contemporary ways to rock leather? Here’s what we love in 2013:

Leather Shorts

Okay, hear us out. Forget super short, super tight, and super awkward. Think flattering waistlines, pockets, and a retro cut. Pair with a carefree white top, like our Cotton Swing Tank, for a casual, summer look with a bit of edge.

Cotton Swing Tank DT2500

Hard Core Accessories

Just because you’re the quintessential girl-next-door doesn’t mean you can’t rock out to Metallica (while doing your homework). A touch of leather is the perfect way to glam your day-to-day look with some shadow. If a major clothing piece, like bottoms or a jacket, is just too much, you can try leather accessories for a street-savvy touch. Pair a cuff bracelet or studded flats with your favorite jeans and one of District’s ultra-comfy womens v-neck tees. If you’re feeling really adventurous, add a studded leather baseball cap!

Just Add Flowers

Leather looks amazing when paired with pretty, girly florals. The unique contrast is always a head turner  and a great way to blend “pretty” with “bold.” Rummage through your drawers for that flea-market flowered skirt you haven’t worn in years, pair it with any womens v neck tees, and throw a leather jacket on top.

Hard Rock Dresses and Skirts

Don’t believe us? It’s true! Leather dresses are showing up on mannequins everywhere, and they’re surprisingly flattering. Always opt for form-fitting, as leather can add some bulk. We love the A-line style, paired with a high pony or bun and a statement necklace.

Leggings in Leather

Rumor has it Olivia Newton-John had to be sewn into the leather pants she wore at the end of Grease. Factor or fiction, the good new is: today’s leather pants and leggings offer much more stretch and comfort. Leather leggings come in so many styles, patterns, and price ranges, odds are your perfect pair is out there somewhere. Match them with one of District’s womens v-neck tees in a size up for a casual, oversized look.

Whether you’re into chunky, jewelry, combat boots, or torn up jeans, you’re gonna need a few basics to build from. District’s womens v-neck tees pair amazingly with bold fashion choices – like leather. At District, we like to think of our products as the blank canvases for your fashion creations. Create with us!