Trending Now: Colorful Hair

We’re highlighting the latest hair color trends (pun intended!), from purples and pinks, to rainbows and reds. Refinery29 and US Weekly rounded up the most popular colors, along with the lowdown on how to get them:


Created by Aura Friedman — the patron saint of unicorn hair — this jewel-inspired trend is meant to mimic the multifaceted color of an opal. Says Friedman, “I’ve always played around with variations of color, like being able to see different shades when the light hits in different ways.”

Friedman notes that getting this kind of result requires dyeing the hair platinum, which she says adds sparkle to the colors. “These tones tend to be on the darker side,” she explains. “They have a silvery sheen, but the reflective colors are all in the pastel family.”

This trend requires LOTS of laborious hand-painting, and unfortunately doesn’t last very long. But for those of you who don’t mind constant upkeep and salon visits (we know you exist!), this could be perfect.


Bored with your usual balayage? Colorist Chad Kenyon has the solution for you: color-shimmering. Kenyon says the technique evolved from working with clients who came in for bright-blonde highlights and color, but who also wanted something fun and customized.

“I color hair with the mindset of a makeup artist, in that I choose tones and placement that will enhance your best features and skin tone — while [I] simultaneously diffuse or ‘pull focus’ from those features you’re not ‘obsessed with,'” explains Kenyon.

Kenyon says he works mostly with coral, rose-gold, lilac, and pearl hues, which correspond to those common tone descriptions — golden, warm, ashy, and icy.

Ombre 1
Ombre 2


If you want to try this colorful ombre update on your own hair, follow L’Oreal Celebrity Consulting Colorist Kari Hill’s tips. “The great thing with ombré is that you keep the color around your face, thus if done correctly it can really compliment your skin tone,” Hill tells Us Weekly. “Red ends work well for brunettes with olive skin tones. If you are wanting to do green or blue ends, you need to have a lighter skin tone and lighter hair, or you’ll have to lighten your hair to achieve the look.”


There’s one more option for colorers not ready to take the bleach plunge: “If you want to try the look out before bleaching your ends, it is best to get colored hair extensions,” says Hill.

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