How to Use a Lace T-Shirt for a Feminine Touch

lace t-shirt

Lace has made quite a comeback over the past few years. Originally used as a soft and delicate touch to dresses or other clothing items, lace also brought along with it a rather sexy connotation as well. We want you to forget everything history tells us about lace, because we’re here to tell you that lace can be used in everyday, casual fashion!

District® Clothing’s Tri-Blend Lace Tee is made of our 3-in-1 Tri-Blend fabric that perfectly combines softness, comfort, and style. And just as these three things come together, so does the casual feel of a basic tee and the subtle, elegant touch of lace.

Here are a few everyday styles that could use a little feminine touch with the help of a lace t-shirt.

lace t-shirt


As we previously mentioned, lace is no longer reserved for those dressy occasions. As a part of an easy to wear t-shirt, you can pair your lace with the most casual of outfits. Try our Tri-Blend lace t-shirt with your favorite pair of jeans and flats for a cute and comfortable outfit for day or night!


Once a mere pair of sweats you keep in your dresser drawer, loungewear is now an entire category of fashion. With comfortable lounge pieces becoming more and more stylish and on trend, adding a little extra girly flair with your lace t-shirt will take your laid back outfit to the next level. Try pairing with our Core Fleece Pant and your favorite hoodie.


lace t-shirt

Camo prints, military jackets, and combat boots, oh my! This hardcore trend emits cool. So why not add a little softness to the edge, literally and stylishly! Our Tri-Blend fabric is ultra soft and the back lace insert will add some fashion softness to this otherwise tough style.


What does summer style mean to you? To us at District® Clothing, it means dressing for the sun and the fun. Our lace t-shirt is a great alternative to the summer tank top and paired with our Juniors Boardshort may just be your new favorite summer outfit.

When it comes to lace tees, the possibilities are endless! Add your own feminine touch to any kind of outfit for a fresh new take on casual!