How to Utilize Basics in Your Wardrobe

A blank article of clothing is like a canvas—often, you can do so much with so little. It may seem intimidating at first, but basics are your best friends, as you can layer and customize them to fit your individual look—and blank hoodies are no different.

The Art of a Blank Canvas


Blank hoodies are not only comfortable and keep you warm during the cold seasons, but they’re also surprisingly stylish. When you think of blank hoodies, you may think of a certain celebrity or clothing company, or maybe even your little brother who lives in his favorite hoodie. No matter what comes to mind first, blank hoodies have become a classic, chic look for both genders.

Whether worn to the gym, class, or even on a date to the drive-in movies, a hoodie makes a definitive statement about your personal style, especially when you work them into a unique outfit. If you’re wondering what to do with a hoodie, that’s where District® Clothing comes in.

The Definition of a Hoodie

A “hoodie,” or a “hooded sweatshirt,” is exactly how it sounds—it’s a sweatshirt, with a hood. It can occasionally include a muff sewn into the lower front and a drawstring to adjust the hood opening, depending on the wearer’s preference. Hoodies may have a vertical zipper down the center, like a windbreaker jacket, and others are made to pull over.

A Historical Timeline

Surprisingly, the hoodie can be traced all the way back to Medieval Europe, when a monk’s typical clothing was a long, embellished hood. It was called a “cowl” and was attached to tunic or robes.

The first sweatshirt was produced in the U.S. in the 1930s. Originally, laborers would buy these pieces of fashion to stay warm while working. Champion produced the first hoodie, and the term “hoodie” became popular in the 90s.

Hoodies became popular in the 1970s. Hip hop culture was starting in New York City, and the hoodie became a symbol of anonymity. Norma Kamali and other designers embraced hoodies and made them chic items to have. The hoodie’s most popular moment was in the film Rocky.

DM490_lightgrey_model_front_042013_480Style For All

Hoodies are seen on everyone —from celebrities to the average Joe. In fact, the sweatshirt is a style staple. It can be worn to the gym or on a casual night out with friends. From a brisk morning run to the air-conditioned movie theater, a hoodie has you covered.

At District® Clothing, we have a variety of warm, classic hoodies to keep you comfortable, rain or shine. Check us out online to find a large selection, perfect for both genders.