Vacation Packing Tips

Packing for a trip can often seem like a tedious task, but keeping these important tips in mind will make packing for your next vacation easy, breezy!

Save Space

Whether you’re packing for a road trip in a small car or trying to keep those baggage fees at a minimum, conserving space in your bags is always important. Take the time to make a list and really go through everything you’re planning on packing before putting them in. Do you really need every pair of flip flops you own? And do you really need to bring the black and the grey hoodie? Probably not.

Once you have your final list, an easy trick to save space in your bag or suitcase is to roll your clothes instead of folding them. Fold tops in half and roll them tightly. You should be able to line them up and fit at least three layers in an average-sized suitcase.

Bring the Basics

Unless you’re heading out of town for a wedding or other special occasion, you likely won’t need your nicest, fanciest clothes on your trip. Keep it simple and bring the basics! Pick items that can be used for multiple outfits or occasions, like District® Clothing’s collection of durable, comfortable t shirts and tanks! With shoes and accessories, keep them to a minimum and think about exactly what outfits you are going to wear them with.

Be Prepared

Know the climate and do a quick weather check during the days leading up to your departure. With apps and radar websites this is so much easier than it used to be! If you’re headed to a tropical location, shorts and tank tops will surely be #1 on your list. But you may also run into a rainy day. Being prepared also means packing a pair of jeans, a versatile grey hoodie, and a pair of old sneakers just in case you need them! Also, know what kind of activities you’ll be doing. Bring more than one swimsuit if you’re going to be in the pool or ocean a lot or good walking shoes in case hiking will be involved!

Know the Rules

This is especially important if you don’t travel by plane a lot. It seems like the rules for flying change every month. Conduct a quick online search for the latest rules and regulations for flying. The 3-1-1 rule has been in place for a while now, so be sure to have any liquids that are in your carry on bags be 3 oz. or less and packed in a clear, 1 quart bag. You may have to remove this bag so have it in an easily accessible place. Also, keep your airport outfit simple. Removing shoes is still a thing at many airports and leave the jewelry and other metal objects at home or at least packed. Yoga pants, leggings or jeans, slip-on shoes with a t shirt, and your favorite blue or grey hoodie (in case you get cold on the plane) are just about all you need. Keep it simple!