Versatile Quality Tees: 3 Ways to Wear Our Button Ups

woven shirtsVersatility is one of the most important attributes a piece of clothing can have. We know how frustrating it can be to have something that you love to wear, but can only wear one way and for one specific type of occasion.

However, the fashion basics at District® Clothing have more versatility than these one trick ponies. From our quality tees to our comfortable sweatshirts, you can wear our clothes just about any time, any where. One of our most versatile items is our men’s and women’s Washed Woven Shirt.

Read on to find out three different ways to wear our favorite collared button ups:

1. Wear It Under a Sweatshirt

At District® Clothing, we love creating unique, fashion forward looks just by using our own fashion basics. You don’t need the latest, trendiest pieces to keep your style game on point. Mixing and matching is the best way to do it, and one of our favorite mix and match looks is pairing our collared quality tees with a crew neck sweatshirt. This look works for both guys and girls, as you can use either the men’s or women’s Washed Woven Shirt with our Concert Fleece™ Crew sweatshirt for this fun and casual new take on preppy. Play around with this look by swapping out the crew neck sweatshirt for one of our hoodies!

ladies long sleeve washed woven shirt2. Use it as a Cardigan

In order to be a true fashionista (or fashionisto) you have to be creative. Creativity in fashion simply means not taking items for what they are at face value. A hoodie may seem like outerwear, but layer it under a leather jacket and you have a cool, edgy look! Our button ups can of course be worn for what they are: soft, high quality collared shirts. However, they can also be worn as a lighter cardigan or cover up simply by wearing them open and unbuttoned and layering one of our quality tees underneath. Wear this look for a laid back, beachy vibe!

3. Clash styles

mens short sleeve washed woven shirt - light blueAs we mentioned, creativity is key when piecing together your own style. Sometimes it takes a day going through your closet and pairing items that you wouldn’t normally wear together. Our collared shirts are so versatile, they could be worn with just about anything and still look great. Looking for a fresh take on business casual? Try it with your favorite pair of jeans and a blazer. Need a new way to look good and feel comfortable? Pair it with yoga pants or sweatpants. Our quality tees can help you create cool, casual, and comfortable looks in an instant!

Use versatile fashion basics from District® Clothing to create your own unique, fashion forward, mix and match looks worthy of today’s latest trends!