What to Wear to Your Favorite Fitness Activity

It can be a struggle to get to the gym. But when you have a fun way to work out and some new workout clothes to wear, it makes getting fit a lot more enjoyable! Check out the District® tank tops and other items we picked for the most popular forms of exercise!

Running is the simplest form of exercise. With just a pair of running shoes and a few other essentials, you have all you need to hit the pavement and see the world on your own two feet, all while reaping amazing health benefits. Your running attire will depend, of course, on the weather. Wear workout tank tops like District’s® Mini Stripe Gathered Racerback Tank and pair of nylon running shorts when it’s warm. Opt for a Lightweight Jersey Hoodie and long workout leggings when it’s cold. Just be sure you can move freely wherever you go!

Yoga is a fantastic form of exercise because it improves the health of your body and your mind. Yoga is full of stretching and movements that, unless you’re a seasoned yogi, might be new to you. Yoga clothes need to be fairly fitted so as not to get in the way of your movement or your breathing. However, you’ll want to be able to move around and be flexible so snug yoga pants and a simple workout tank top, like our Juniors Microburn™ Double V Tank, will be perfect no matter what your experience level!

Whether you ride the trails (with a helmet!) or opt for a strenuous, hour-long spinning class, biking is one of the best ways to stay in shape. You may be just a casual rider or a more serious cyclist, but either way the benefits are great! Regardless, certain types of clothing work for biking and others definitely do not. Cross trainer sneakers are ideal, but any type of athletic, full-coverage shoes work. You’ll also want to wear tight-fitting bottoms that hit at mid-thigh or lower. If wearing ankle-length bottoms, be sure to keep them tight at the ankle to avoid any kind of fabric-related accident! It’s probably best to stick to a more fitted top as well, like a workout tank top (our Ladies Mini Rib Racerback Tank works great).

Zumba (or any other dance-based fitness class) is not only a great way to stay fit, but it’s insanely fun as well! You basically get to listen to awesome and upbeat music, learn new dance moves, and get a workout all at once! You’ll definitely want to be able to move around freely. We think our Tri-Blend T-Back workout tank top is perfect for Zumba because it’s functional and looks great, too! As for your bottoms, it’s really up to you. Yoga pants or leggings work great, but baggier pants will do as well. To add a little extra fun to your dance workout, you can even try fitness skirts!