How to Wear the Latest Bold Makeup Trends

Makeup isn’t just for making yourself look “pretty.” For a lot of women, makeup is an artform, a way to express yourself. It’s also a ton of fun using new products and colors to present your face (and nails) as a sort of canvas for your creativity. Try incorporating these new, bold trends into your beauty regimen and learn how to play it up with fashion looks using unique t shirts and tanks from District® Clothing!

Spider Lashes

You may think that mascara is a one trick pony, but by using different types, brushes, and movements, you can create a variety of lash looks. Popular in the 60s, spider lashes have made their comeback. What may seem like a big makeup no-no can now be seen on many a runway and in high fashion ads. It will definitely give you a Twiggy-esque, mod look, especially by adding a unique t shirt or dress. However, be cautious when attempting this trend; there is a fine line between looking fab and creating a hot mess on your lashes!

How to get the look: Curl lashes, apply a coat of lengthening mascara onto top and bottom lashes. Next apply several coats of volumizing mascara in a back and forth motion to create clumps. Pinch your lash clumps back with your fingers to finish the effect. (If this sounds too ambitious for you, there are plenty of false lashes that come made with the spider effect!) Add a thick, winged line of eyeliner to enhance the look even further!

What to wear: Bright colors are best! Think bold color blocking, patterns, and shapes in classic forms to really complete the mod look. Try a unique tee or tank, like District’s® Cotton Swing Tank in Aquamarine, with a pair of cropped, black, skinny pants and flats or chunky platforms.


Thick Dark Eyebrows

How much time and money have you spent on eyebrow maintenance? Whether you get them waxed, pluck them daily, or use another form of tiny hair removal, the answer is too much! Well,  you can ditch all of them. Yes that’s right, thick dark eyebrows are in! This is especially good news for those of you whose eyebrows look this way naturally. Beware of the extremes of this look, however. You won’t want your eyebrows to look too fakey, but if you’re going for the bold look, own it!

How to get the look: Outline the shape you want to create with an eyebrow pencil and then fill in by making hair-like strokes. Go over your brows with mascara to contour and make them darker.

What to wear: Dark eyebrows really can go with any sort of look, but one they really work with is “laid-back bohemian.” Try one of District’s® most unique t shirts, the Microburn™ Wide Neck Hi/Lo Tee, in a size up to achieve the oversized look, along with leggings and boots.