Workouts For Fall

Even though summer is over, that’s not an excuse to ease up on your exercise routine. Check out three easy tips from to help fall back into fitness.

1. Try a new class
There’s no better time to try something new, whether it’s a dance class, Pilates, yoga or a boot camp for an extra challenge. Go outside your comfort zone and flex your mental and physical muscles.

2. Take your workout outside
Get out and enjoy the crisp fall weather, the beautiful foliage, and boost your heart rate all at once. The cooler temps are perfect for a comfortable run or hike outside; or grab some friends for a game of frisbee or touch football in the park.

3. Get back into the routine
Summer getaways and fun are the best! But they can definitely take away from your regular workout routine. It’s important to do something active every single day, whether it’s an intense workout or just 20 minutes of exercises and stretches in your living room. Most people’s schedules become more structured again in the fall, which makes it easier to be active regularly and establish healthy routines.