Yellow, Pink, and Orange T-Shirts: How to Rock Bright Tees

Have you ever seen a certain piece of clothing and thought, “I could never pull that off”? Whether it’s crazy patterns or bright colors, there are some things that we may be a little afraid of wearing. At District® Clothing, we believe that there should be no fear in fashion!

With dozens of color options spread across our collections, we at District® love keeping things colorful. Read on to find out the best ways to wear our bright yellow, pink, and orange t-shirts!


Yellow is often seen as a difficult color to “pull off.” However, we believe that anyone can wear this sunny hue! With so many variations, from bold mustard to light lemon and fluorescent neon, there’s a yellow out there for everyone. We love a basic yellow, like our Juniors Yellow 1×1 Rib V-Neck Tee, paired with grey. It softens and neutralizes the brightness, and is a perfectly on-trend color combination. Neon yellows are extremely popular in activewear (as are neon pink and orange t-shirts!) Try The Concert Tee™ the next time you head out for a run!

neon t-shirtyellow t-shirt


Orange is another one of those colors that may strike fear into potential wearers. Whether you’re wearing a tangerine red carpet dress or hitting the football field in neon orange uniforms, you will no doubt stand out. Don’t shy away from the limelight, own it! Try pairing any shade of orange, like the neon orange available in The Concert Tee™, with a shade of blue or green. Teal, aqua, mint, and navy all go great with orange t-shirts. We also love a crisp white paired with a bold orange, so try out a clean pair of white shorts or pants with our Very Important Tee® in Orange this summer!

orange t-shirtorange t-shirt


Pink is often an acquired taste. If you’re a girl, pink clothing and gifts were probably thrust upon you at some point in your life, regardless of your actual opinion of the color. For the guys, you may have always thought this color belonged to the fairer sex. But with a plethora of shades available these days, and more and more men are seen wearing it—pink is an equal opportunity color. We love it paired with deep blues or bold, dark patterns such as black and white polka dots or stripes. Our Concert Tee™ V-Neck comes in great pink hues for both guys and girls!

pink t-shirtpink t-shirt

Feeling more confident about those bright colors? Start rocking pink, yellow, and orange t-shirts in your own looks with the colorful options from District® Clothing!