Buying Clothing Online: How to Find the Perfect Fit

Shopping for clothing online puts thousands of stores at your fingertips and gives you the freedom of browsing for new clothes at any hour of the day. Each store offers possibilities for expanding your personal style, but no matter where you shop, one thing is true: you need to make sure you buy the right size.

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It can be hard to guess the right size when trying a brand you’ve never worn before. There are a few things you can do to make sure you end up with a proper fit.

Buy a Tape Measure

If you plan on shopping for clothing online, and you don’t already own a tape measure, it should be your next purchase. Even though you might know your size, it’s a good idea to also learn the precise dimensions of your body. When in doubt, choose a more relaxed fit. You can never have too many comfortable clothes!

Stick to the Basics

If you’re itching to try out a new style or print that you aren’t sure will look flattering on you, head out to the mall to try it on in person. When shopping for clothing online, your safest bet is to stick to basic apparel like you’ll find at District®. Our clothing is quality made with flattering cuts that are designed to look great on everyone.

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Check the Return Policy

If an online seller doesn’t accept returns, you will have to decide whether the risk is worth the possible reward. Sometimes your item will fit perfectly, but if you don’t want to risk it, be sure to only shop with companies that accept returns.

A good return policy shows concern for your satisfaction as a customer, which is why District® accepts returns on unused items up to 30 days after purchase. However, with great items like these young mens Core Fleece Shorts, our customers rarely need to use our return policy.

Read Reviews

It’s good to check reviews when looking for clothing online. You also might see references to a size running small or large, which can help you make your decision. Everyone is shaped differently, so experiences will vary, but if you see something noted in more than a few reviews, it’s a safe bet that’s probably true. District® has great reviews thanks to our quality clothing and easy-to-understand size chart.

Get Doubles

If your measurements leave you right at the border between sizes, try ordering two. You can keep the one that fits better and save the other as a gift, or, if the store has a fair return policy, send it back. Making little purchases throughout the year will help keep your holiday shopping from becoming overwhelming.

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Choose Merchants That Explain Sizing

Since sizes can vary so much with clothing online, you should choose a store that gives exact dimensions for its sizes. At District®, we offer a size chart that shows the ranges of measurements that will fit each size. We carry two different fits:

No matter what size you choose, you’ll get quality clothing that fits when you shop at District®. If you have any questions about our sizing, please contact us here. We’ll get back to you shortly!